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Hello readers today I am going to tell about a site which I use for images and the site is Depositphotos  as I said that I am using images for my blog post from there, I will tell in a better way. If u are a blogger you will surely understand what I am going to say :- “lets think that you reviewed about article and posted an image which you downloaded and you are getting a good amount of visitors suddenly got a mail to remove those image used in the article as it is copyrighted and you have no choice other than removing it”.

I too faced this issue and searched a lot on  internet to find a site where can I download images which are not copyrighted  and of high quality  for my blog  as all of you know a Picture says 1000 words. Everyone sees the feature image of post if its good then readers read it. As soon as I came across it I logged in using Facebook and explored a few pictures and checked for android I got a very good number of photos which are of high quality and I thought that the images are free but they are not because nothing in the world is free. There are a number of categories ranging from Abstract, Animals to Vintage, you can get many images which are not available in Flickr or similar photo sharing sites. At present as per Depositphotos website there are almost 1,63,17,697 nearly 2 crores of images which is a huge number, that anyone can get desired photo by simply searching with keyword.

Depositphotos Subscription Plans

Depositphotos Subscription Plans

There are mainly 3 different types content available in Depositphotos website they are Photos, Vector Images and Videos. Photos as all of you know in your words “images” and vector images are cartoon and other animated pictures other than captured images. In Depositphotos you can find videos too. Images present in the site are Royalty free stock files. Today almost nearly 2 lakh new files are uploaded exact number is 1,56,161 and Depositphotos have a 11 lakh happy customers who are downloading these files from their websiteI am very proud to say that I am also one of the customer among 11 lakh happy customers. I think all of you want to know how much it will cost and what are the subscription plans and you want to know them I will tell each plan available. There are three plans available in Depositphotos they are Daily plan, Monthly plan and Pay as you go (PAYG)

1.Daily plan:- The daily plan offers a minimum of 5 images a day for 649$ a year and a maximum of 200 images a day for a year at 10999$ all images are royalty free stock files, daily plan is available for month also.

2.Monthly plan:- By purchasing this plan you can download a minimum of 5 images a day for a month for 49$ and a maximum of 5000 images for a month at 3999$ it depends on your usage of images.

3.Custom:-  As the name suggests it can be customized in this plan, you can buy credits which are used to buy images, the package starts from 50 credits for 50$ to maximum of your choice.

Special Subscription for Bloggers and Site Owners


To have a detailed look at the plans visit Subscription Plans, Forgot to mention that it has a special free subscription for blogger who have their websites and blogs  and if you are willing to get a free subscription for personal use you can contact their promotion team their email is [email protected] your email should include your contact information and also a link to your site. One more good new for you bloggers, If are you thinking to host a giveaway and didn’t found any sponsor then Depositphotos is their to help send a mail to above email and if u get a confirmation mail all you need to do is a review about their service  and send the link to them and they will review the post posted by you if it satisfies their requirement they will mail you a promo code to use and again if you want to conduct a contest they will discuss number of prize subscriptions and contest terms etc.

Depositphotos - Best Place to Buy and Sell Stock Photos

If the contest is concluded then your winner will get a free subscription of Depositphotos.  The main motto behind it is both the blogger and the Depositphotos will get benefited,  you get benefit in the form of traffic they gets benefit by telling their potential to customers. The customer support of the Depositphotos  is also very helpful, there are two options one is live chat and other is contact us form. If you think that your problem should be solved quickly than live chat is a better option and contact us is also good, their representatives are friendly and offer quick solutions.

Account Types – Buyer and Contributor

Account Types - Buyer and Contributor

One more thing you can browse their site in almost 18 languages including English, Chinese and many more.  There are two options to register one is register as buyer and other is register as contributor, buyer account helps you to buy images from Depositphotos and the contributor account helps you to sell your images through Depositphotos.  It is the only site I know having stock photo agency with premium royalty free stock photos you can browse images but you cannot download images unless you are a member in any plan.


On the blog of Depositphotos you will get a free vector image every week. I simply love the vector images because I can’t find the images which are available in Depositphotos anywhere in the internet. So I will recommend every blogger to get a subscription which is freely available for blogger and give it a try.

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  1. THIS COMPANY WILL ROB YOU, just like they did me.

    I signed up for a “free trial” and realized shortly after that I didn’t want their tacky photos, even if they were free of charge for 7 days. I emailed customer support (since there are no methods or instructions on their site on how to cancel when you paid with credit card) and they said they would cancel it for me. Lies. They didn’t. I was charged for a full month’s subscription for a website I didn’t even use!

    I contacted them again explaining my situation and they essentially said “Boo-boo, tough luck. Here’s a link to our refund policy that proves why you’re wrong.”
    Save yourself the trouble and keep away from these thieves.

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