Benefits Of Integrating Social Media With Your Web Design

Top 10 Social Share Buttons

Top 10 Social Share Buttons

Today, it’s important for business owners to realize that social media is a powerful marketing tool and that it’s here to stay. To ensure that your business succeeds, it’s essential to focus on social media integration when it comes to web design as you’ll be better able to drive transactions and make valuable connections with your customers. You can’t succeed by simply spreading your messages to the world via social media nor can you rely solely on your website to drive sales. Here are a few ways you can integrate social media into your website design.

Register Your Business on the Leading Social Media Platforms

Take the time to determine what social media platforms are right for your business. If you’re using a web design firm, they should know which channels are right for your type of business. If you’re a law firm, then you’ll want to be on LinkedIn and if you’re running a bar or restaurant, Facebook is a ‘must’. As far as SEO goes, it’s a good idea to be active on Google+ as this site will benefit your positioning in the search results page if you post content on a regular basis. Once you are signed up for your social media channels of choice, generate as many followers as you can so that each time you post something, it will be shared and talked about across various channels.

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Let Your Customers Know What Social Media Sites You’re Active On

You should focus on making sure that visitors to your site can see the social networks you’re on so they can share your content and products. To succeed at social media integration, you have to make sure your social buttons are front and center so that people will be enticed to use them. Place your ‘follow’, ‘share’ and ‘like’ icons in the header of your site and preferably on each page of your site. In addition to integrating these buttons into your web design, you should also ask people to share your content and products.

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Simplify Your Social Media Integration with Management Tools

It can prove difficult to manually manage all your social media sites so it’s wise to make use of a few management tools. Sprout Social is designed to help you engage followers on the different social media accounts you have so that you can respond to them in real time. This easy-to-use tool offers its data in a pleasant graph format so you can quickly check your data and figure out how to respond to it. MarketMeSuite works like email as you’re able to view your social media messages in a preview pane and then open them to discover more about who sent them. You can use this tool to locate customers in your area who are using social media and to manage all of your social media accounts.

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When you’ve accomplished the task of integrating social media into your web design, your brand will have a much wider reach. You’ll also be presenting your business to people using a human approach. This will allow you to establish strong relationships with your customers while enticing them to spread the news about your products or services over their social media channels.

McKey Davis works in social media industry. He writes about SEO, web design and digital marketing.