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To some people, and especially business owners brand identity is extremely important, and even it may be even more important in the anarchic world of cyberspace. After spend an extraordinary amount of time a resources to build a brand that is centred around a business, it is easy to understand why it becomes the one of the most precious assets.

Reports are that identity theft is still the fastest growing criminal threat. The recent advances in telecommunications and computer processing capability, make it easier for consumers and organizations to reach each other. It also easier to publish personal information, including personal physical locations, that can be tracked by the second in real time using GPS technology. This information can be published publicly, making life much easier for criminals.

One of the most popular types of identity theft involves using a company name or well-known recognized name on the social networking sites. Others user may be more willing or enticed to send personal information.
The misrepresentation can also be used to spread rumours or fake announcements that can affect the operations of competition. Spreading rumours about companies is rampant on the social networks, because it can be done by anyone , including your competition, and companies should be vigilant at all times. The easy solution to prevent damage to your brand on the social networks is to be proactive, and put up defences to avoid and counter any attacks before they occur.

Knowem Vs Claimbrand

Websites such as Knowem allows you to check the usage of your personal name, username, or brand name  trademark on over 550 popular and upcoming social media websites. You can register that name before someone else does, and uses it to hurt your brand. In some instances brand and domain name can be done at no costs, so it costs nothing to defamed or for your brand to suffer damage on line. If your brand or name is discovered to be in use, you will be presented with contact information where you can contact the perpetrator and arrange the release of your name.With one click of your mouse, you can secure your name on over 550 websites.

However Knowem competitor, Claimbrand goes even further. Instead of registration at 550 popular websites, offers simultaneous registration at more than 1000 sites across the web. You can spread your social footprint at an even faster pace and with a much wider path, to command much valued authority that the search engines favour  Getting your id before others do, prevents others form attempting to destroy the good name that you have considerable time and resources in building.
KnowEm has helped to reserve over 350,000 profiles since 2009 and reported over 25,000 issues of squatting and brand name or trademark misrepresentation.

Claimbrand offers a free search tool that searches more than 550 websites to help you register your name or brand. With some advanced statistical monitoring, in the Brand Identity Program, you can determine the best sites to register your user-id, brand name or phrase that is associated with your business. The monitoring is constant and the database of sites is updated constantly. You get full 24 hr protection for your brand identity.

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