Review of ASKME



In the modern times whenever you are a proud owner of a smartphone you need to have useful applications on the smartphone to actually make it useful enough. It is indeed very obvious that if your smartphone is devoid of any proper application than it is completely useless. Now, there are many applications each one for a designated purpose and all are different from each other. Every day now different types of apps are entering our market and encouraging us to use them, to purchase them. Though it is always at the discretion of the user but if there’s any particular app which should be compulsorily present in all of ours smartphone then it is one and only ASKME.

ASKME app is actually considered as the “The Baap of all Apps” which means the best app among all others, but the reality cannot be further. It is indeed one of the best apps to enter into our market and that too it is an all-purpose app meant especially for the benefit for your usage. This particular app provides you with the intricate details of almost every business settlements in your area or as a whole your city itself. You can truly consider it as an “ALL in one app”. It will totally facilitate you to search for every merchant or listings or any classified ads or any best deals and anything at complete free of cost.

Usefulness of this amazing application

As already been mentioned it is one of the best apps to enter our markets. You can simply use this particular app to get your idea about any whereabouts in your city if you want to spend some nice moments or if you simply want to hang out with your friend circle. This particular app is so useful that you can simply find out the best places to eat, drink, gossip, shop, play, enjoy and relax. You can also use this app to find out the best places for studying books or reading any novel, basically a library for all the enthusiastic readers out there.

When you are completely tired of your busy schedule which has been going over for many days and you are looking forward to relax you can quickly find out the nearest spa to offer you a great massage to provide you complete relaxation and also to rejuvenate you. If you want to search for a café where you would like to spend some time you can even get that easily. You can also use the ASKME app to locate any special food outlets where you can simply get mouth-watering deals for your gastronomic delight. ASKME will always be there to help you out with all your local information whenever you need it.

It is indeed the BEST interface for you and it is also very handy as it provides you with instant information about your locality and your city.

Some details and Pros of the features

Let us list out some of the best features of this particular app to you.

  • You can use it to search for any specific type of business near you or near your locality.
  • You can also use it to look for any great deals which are being offered by any local businesses near you.
  • Using this particular app you can even rate, add  reviews or tips to your favorite businesses
  • You can create your own list of all the favorite business that you have.
  • You can read other’s reviews to find out about the other business that might suit your needs.
  • You can even search for additional business information.

ASKME strives to provide the best of usage experience to its users by their constant updates along with regular addition of features and applications. It is indeed the best application that would cater to your needs, so download it in your mobile as soon as possible to get the latest features and all the facilities of this app.