Running a Participatory Post and What You Bring To Your Blog

Running a Participatory Post and What You Bring To Your Blog
Running a Participatory Post and What You Bring To Your Blog
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What is it and how a participatory post?

The participatory post as the name suggests are looking for a higher level of interaction with the reader. Specifically seeks contributions that can go beyond the knowledge of the blogger. Creating this type of entry is not very complicated.

The question to answer: for your readers to participate you have to ask something. What do you know about them? To increase the likelihood of receiving an answer to a question put in the title beginning and end of the post.

Two opposing views: the idea is not to respond but to provide information to generate debate. One can agree or disagree with what you write. No basis is difficult for a user review that comes to your blog seen that it is easier to comment on existing information provided by the blogger.

Support for dissemination: if your blog still has very few visitors is difficult to launch a participatory post. In this case you have to collaborate with other bloggers to help you achieve a minimum level of diffusion to generate visits to the entrance.

Publish results: when you post a summary of participatory post do not forget to mention outstanding contributions. Thus samples you appreciate what readers have provided you give visibility to what they have participated. This may be an additional motivation to re-engage in such actions.

A participatory post helps to create a community around your blog

The most important thing in a blog is not for you but for your readers. It is about connecting with them so they do not just come and go but back continuously to see how you are progressing. A participatory post can help you to get that effect and even provides some additional advantages.

1. Generating new ideas for posts: no such inspired every day. A participatory post can help at times with little creativity to continue to publish in your blog. Additionally brings the benefit of the second half with a summary of the results.

2. You get more comments: There is a very simple formula in the world of blogs and even in life would say. If you express yourself and say what you want will not happen. To receive contributions have to ask and you will have comments.

3. Provides knowledge “hidden” from readers: there is knowledge beyond your head when you have difficult access. Collective intelligence is very powerful and can release some of this knowledge to motivate readers who do not normally share it on your blog.

4. Believe recurring visits: those who have contributed their viewpoint or knowledge to have a participatory post high interest to see your own summary and conclusions obtained thanks to your readers. Also many of those who have not commented will want to know the second part of the article.

5. You gain new subscribers: to provide all readers receive a summary of participatory post can put the end of the post the subscription option. Many will not want to miss it so there is a high probability that you get your email and become new followers of your blog.

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