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Do you count yourself among the webmasters whose websites have been affected by the latest Google updates? Do you run a new website and you struggle to find out the best SEO approach? In any of these cases, becoming familiar with the industry secrets will help you get over a lot of trouble.

1. Old SEO methods are no longer effective.

Excessive and random article submissions in the attempt to obtain backlinks is just one of the many methods you have to stop using in search engine optimization. The same rule applies to press releases. On the other hand, targeting the right audience and focusing on the same niche is the answer.

Spamming everywhere will most likely decrease the popularity of your website. At the same time, keep in mind that link building is not something easy that occurs overnight. Instead, it takes effort, patience and time.

2. Insufficient content and ineffective backlinks can do more harm than good.

Unless you actually redirect your users to a relevant website from the same niche, link exchange will not actually affect your marketing campaign in a positive way. Instead, your website will most likely reach on a blacklist.

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It is also very important to take the consistency of your content into consideration, as it has to be amble, updated and straight to the point. After all, content is still king.

3. Pay attention to the new trends in SEO and online marketing.

Just like Larry Page used to say once, people want to find honest, correct and appropriate information. With this idea in mind, be cautious regarding the automated programs to send or submit articles, not to mention about gaining backlinks.

You may end up on low quality websites, which will actually decrease your popularity. On the other hand, using social networks and blogs will give your website even more importance.

4. Come up with a strategy and follow the plan.

Whether you have to approach a different marketing strategy or build a new one from scratch, make sure that you have a perfect plan and stick to it. Test your strategy before deciding whether or not the plan is good. Analyze the results and exploit your possibilities before moving on too.

5. Importance of design and its impact over SEO.

How fast does your website load? How intuitive is the menu? If you find it too sophisticated, your guests will feel the same way. Your website is your business card, so it must be properly designed. The design is just as important as your outfit. Would you adopt a ridiculous outfit? How about some clothes that cannot define your style? If you would not, how about your website design? The necessity of using something intuitive is not great for your overall image only, but also for the SEO process.

In conclusion, with such things in mind, it is not hard to understand what direction online marketing is going to. Once you manage to adopt these tendencies and get over the secrets, breaking your competition becomes a matter of time only.

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