Why the iPod Classic Still Has Plenty of Life Yet

iPod Classic
iPod Classic
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When the first iPod was launched Apple back in 2001, it completely revolutionised the music industry as we know it. For the first time ever, music lovers could bring around their entire music collection with them in their pocket. Gone were the times where you would be limited the one CD that was in your Walkman. You no longer needed to carry around bulky, physical copies of music when you travelled somewhere. Everything you had could fit onto one device.

The iPod Classic turned Apple into a technology giant – the biggest in the world – and they have continued to revolutionise and develop new products at an unbelievably fast rate. These days, the company are focusing far more of their efforts into the iPhone and iPod touch – this means that it has been untouched for well over a year now. For this reason, many experts are suggesting that owners recycle their iPod classic and buy they touch instead before they go completely out of fashion.

iPod Classic

However, this just cannot be true, and perhaps the fact that it hasn’t been altered for a while now is because with the 6th generation of the iPod Classic, Apple have created the perfect portable player for real, hardcore music lovers across the world.

 Absolutely massive storage space

The current iPod Classic has a whopping 160 GB worth of storage space. To put that into real-term perspective, this means that you can fit 140,000 average-sized music tracks onto its hard drive. Even the most avid music lover would be extremely hard-pressed to fill up the entire iPod, meaning that the vast majority of people can use this one small device to take around absolutely every song they have ever owned.

 A pure music player

Unlike the iPod touch and iPhone, the iPod classic remains a pure, music-based experience. It focuses on delivering an easy-to-use system which makes it simple to find the tracks you want to listen to. The iPhone and iPod Touch are very much multi-purpose media devices, with internet connection, the ability to surf the web, email access and the use of other applications, which is great if you are looking for something which can manage these tasks. They are lacking on the storage space though, with the largest size devices only coming in at 64 GB, much of which is already filled with the devices applications.

A design that everyone knows

The iPod classic has an unmistakable design which everyone instantly recognises. The click wheel was found on the very first iPod and has served many every future generation of the device since. The simple wheel with middle button design is what makes the iPod so easy to use – even those who have never touched one work out how to use it within just a few seconds.

A great shuffle option

With the ability to carry so many songs, the iPod classic makes for the perfect DJ companion if you are stuck for what to listen to. Filling the device with so many songs means that every time you choose to shuffle your library, you’ll always be treated to a playlist of tunes that you haven’t heard for ages.