Better Your Chances of Job using Social Media

social media

Now social media platform is not only for connecting with your near and dear ones. Instead, these social media platforms are used as the platform where you need to have a clean image so that the future employers are impressed with you. Now Facebook or twitter is mostly used as an informal platform so you tend to upload all kinds of photos, but while doing that you must remember that it might hamper your reputation as well.

If your future employer goes for a background check on one of those social media sites and witnesses what kind of a person you are then you might end up losing the job as well.

social mediaUse Social Media To Improve Your Job Search is an infographic that was produced by Gumtree

Social Media Platform for your Good

If you have a watch on what you update in these social media sites then you will have a great deal of advantage. By going through your account they will have a feel about the person you are. Your interest, likes and dislikes are reflected in there and then again the photos that you upload there also tell you a lot about your personality and how you are as a person. You need to update your actual qualification and do not fabricate things out there otherwise it will be held against you. Your communication skill will also be put to test through the way you communicate with your peers.

Therefore, if you have an account in the LinkedIn then make sure that you ask for recommendation from ex-colleagues and bosses because that will impress the new employer as well if you had a good rapport with your ex-boss. There are companies who have Facebook pages so instead of them going after you what you can do is subscribe to their page to let them know that you are taking an interest in their services and products. When on twitter be aware whom you follow because once you follow someone they will be able to view all your past comments as well.

What Might Count Against you!

It is not necessary that social media will be advantageous only but it might also hamper your reputation as well. If you have uploaded images like where you are all drunk or is in wild parties, then it will be held against you even when you have attended those parties only once in your lifetime. Then again, remember not to update something which is provocative, neither picture nor any status update because based on that you will be judged as a person.

If you are bad – mouthing your ex employer then also it is not a good sign and that definitely will not go down well with your future employer. No discrimination should be made as per religion or gender or race otherwise you might get into the wrong books of the employers. Your communication skill is also tested through these social media presence as they will go through posts to see how effectively and efficiently you handle the comments that are made on your page. LinkedIn is all about making connections so if you are unable to gather a minimum 50 connections then it is considered bad. Moreover, your photos also do matter a lot in here as LinkedIn is considered to be much more professional platform therefore here you will have to upload a photo which is in professional attire.

Therefore, if you want the social media to help you out in enhancing your job profile, then do remember to behave properly on these platforms even when it is for informal purpose.