Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk & Partition Flash Drive


Using Just One Program


EaseUS Partition Master is one of the most versatile partition software providers on the market today.

Everything to do with partitioning, they’ve got it covered.

In this article we will show you just two of the many things you can easily do with EaseUS Partition Master.

Convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk

You can convert convert Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk by using Windows Disk Management that came with your operating System.

But it’s not without it’s problems. If you use Windows Disk Management to convert dynamic to basic, you are guaranteed data loss. No way around it.

Windows’ version requires you to delete all the volumes, and only then can you converting it. This increase your data loss risk quite considerably.

However by using EaseUS Partition Master, you reduce this risk to 0%, and you don’t have to delete any volumes.

All you have to do is Download EaseUS Partition Master Free trial, and launch the program.

Right Click the Dynamic Disk you wish to convert and click “Convert to Basic Disk”

And that’s it. Nothing more. No Data loss, no struggles, no hassles.

How To Partition A Flash Drive

Partitioning is not only for hard drives anymore. You can partition any flash drive and even memory cards using EaseUS.

This is extremely easy and we will again, explain exactly how to do it.

Like with the Dynamic to Basic Disk Conversion, you can use Windows Disk Management for Flash Drive partitioning as well.

But it suffers the same fate as the Dynamic to basic conversion when using Windows Disk Management. It is not very user friendly, quite difficult to understand, and you are not guaranteed successful results.

Luckily by using EaseUS Partition, this process becomes extremely easy.

All you have to do is, like before, Download the EaseUS Software.

When the download has finished, launch your program and choose your flash drive you want partitioned, and click “Create Partition”

Now you can choose a label, partition size, and even a drive letter. (You can resize partitions using this method as well)

When you have selected all the requirements, click OK, and you’re done.

EaseUS really makes it a breeze to partition drives.

So whatever your Partitions needs, whether it is Dynamic Disk to Basic Disk Conversion, Flash Disk partitioning, or any other feature EaseUS provides like GPT to MBR conversions or just plain old HDD partitioning, now you know who’s the best on the market to use.

So to avoid any unnecessary headaches, be sure to give EaseUS a try.