10 Modern Gadgets that Will Change the World

10 Modern Marvels that Will Change the World

In near future there will be no need to regularly visit Doctors, there are some gadgets which can help Humankind to live life to the fullest. We are in fast changing world where new technology is emerging like rainfall. Every Day we hear about new innovations and up-gradation of  previously evolved technology.

Here are some of the Modern Gadgets which will eventually change the world we live in, some of them are due in very near future but most of them are already in its testing phase.

10. Billboard which produces drinkable water from air

Ebuzznet billboard drinkable water utec

Billboard shown is located in Lima, Peru where it produces around 100 litres of Drinkable water in a day. The idea behind this  innovation comes from Mayo Draftfcb and University of Engineering and Technology (UTEC). Lima which is largest city in Peru located in the valleys of the Chillon, Rimac and Lurin rivers near Pacific Ocean. Due to Lima’s location it receives 100% humid air during mornings and around 80-90% during day time.

Billboard above requires little electric to run its reverse osmosis filtration system. Water from Humid air traps in the billboard and goes through various stages to a tap at bottom of the billboard. It caters water need for huge population of Lima.

diagram potable water generator

What if all billboards in humid area  are replaced with this latest innovation, then half of the World’s water scarcity problem is solved since drinking water is a major concern over various places.

9. Fitbit’s Flex

fitbits flex ebuzznet

Flex is a wrist band which gives detail information on your daily activities such as how much steps have you taken, how much hour you have slept, total calories burnt, quality of your sleep and total distance travelled. Flex is also water resistant and has alarm clock.

Fitbit’s Flex is a perfect gadget for those who want to keep track of their daily heath routine and sports person. You can monitor all your activities on your smart phone, PC’s and Mac. Flex is compatible on various devices and comes with a pre-order price of £79.99.


ebuzznet RP-VITA-irobot

RP-VITA Robot was designed to provide remote assistance and increasing the productivity. RP-VITA robots can be customized based on the requirements of a particular type of hospitals. This Robot comes with a lot of features such as self driving capabilities, reliable connectivity to secure cloud network, connectivity with other devices such as iPad, scalable and upgradable infrastructure. This Robot is already in use in some of the hospitals worldwide.


7. Scanadu Scout

Scanadu Scout

Scanadu Scout is a tiny device which measures, analyse and tracks your vital signs every day. All you need to do is just place this device on your forehead and it will provide all possible vital information which your body produces each day. Now its time to check your health without any assistance from specialist and all these information comes for a little price tag. This device is compatible with smartphones and Computers, just connect your device and take all the readings.

6. Hapifork


Hapifork is an electronic fork which tracks and analyse  your eating habits by alerting when you are eating too fast. It also keeps track of valuable information such as time taken to eat, amount of food in your fork etc. Information gathered is then uploaded to online dashboard via USB where you can track your progress.

Eating too fast causes many health problems such as weight gain, indigestion and gastric issues.It is proven that by eating slow you can  avoid these problems. You can monitor your progress in HAPILABS mobile app.

5. Tooth Sensor

tooth sensor

Tooth Sensor is a small tattoo like sensor which alerts you when ever it detects bacteria which can cause cavities, plaque and other bacterial disease.  This sensor will help to avoid any problem related to tooth and thus no need to visit any dentist. Tooth sensor which is developed by Engineers at Princeton University and Tufts University. Above picture shows the prototype of the sensor placed in cow’s tooth. I am not sure when this sensor will be available but it must withstand brushing strokes.

4. Glove Tricorder


Glove Tricorder will allow patients to diagnose their own sickness by capturing various information through different types of sensors inbuilt in the device. It includes accelerometers, temperature, force, sound, and vibration sensor along with a data transfer protocol which is used to transfer and analyse data wirelessly.

In near future people with Glove Tricorder can self diagnose on their own without any assistance, this includes robotic breast examination for cancer thus saving millions of lives World-Wide.

3. Argus II Retinal Prosthesis System

Argus-II bionic eye

Argus II is World’s First bionic eye which restores some vision for people suffering from blindness. Argus II consists of  two devices one is surgically implanted on eye and other is Video processing unit (VPU) which includes Glass with a camera in the centre. Video camera attached to a pair of Oakley Glasses captures an image and this image is then transferred to  the Video processing unit. VPU than process and converts this image into instruction and sends to the implant antenna wirelessly. These instruction are passed to electrode array which emits small pulses of electricity and thus this information is passed to the brain through optic nerve.

This device gives basic form of visual ability to the people suffering from blindness, In some cases user can read letters and distinguish between black and white.

2. Tiny blood testing laboratory


Scientist from EPFL has developed a tiny blood testing laboratory which will provide immediate analysis of substance in the blood and sends this valuable result to a Doctor over cellular network. This device can be enormous achievement in the field of medical technology.This tiny blood laboratory prototype has already detected five different substances in the blood and it is reliable as traditional testing methods.

A tiny device is implanted just below the skin and it detects substances in the blood and transmits the results to doctor’s computer. Device can alert even before the symptoms emerges and it is useful in chemotherapy applications.

1. Lifecomm Emergency Alert Watch

Lifecomm watch

Lifecomm emergency watch which is equipped with  emergency alert button, GPS system, and motion sensors. Push the panic button and this device will be connected to the nearest private assistant team. Its motion sensor can even tell when a person has fallen and does not respond, in this case it transmits person’s location to caretaker or family members. Emergency watch uses cellular communication which makes it easy to send distress signal to family members over mobile network.



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