What Are Some Of The Tools That Every Web Developer Needs?

What Are Some Of The Tools That Every Web Developer Needs?



If you are interested in web development, then it is very important for you to make sure that you have the right tools. Below are some of the essential tools that every web developer needs:


You have to stay productive and organized if you are working on the web. That is why Evernote is one of the tools that you should consider using. You can use evernote for bookmarks, lists and scheduling.

Drop Box

Drop Box is a service that is used for cloud storage. You can get 2GB with a free account, so you will have enough space to get started. You will be able to securely modify, change, organize and share files.


Droplr makes it very easy for you to share text, images and documents. You can also download this app on your mac or IOS device.


Every web developer needs a live testing environment. Xampp is a configurable, highly recommended web source.


You do not want to overwrite any essential files. That is why Git is a source that you need. It keeps track of your project’s history.


You want to make sure that you get Git Hub and Gist if you use Git. GitHub allows you to securely store your code. Gist lets you share pastes and snippets with others.


A misspelled or misplaced letter can potentially run your entire project. Things will be a lot easier on you if you have the ability to check the differences between two files. Fortunately, you can easily compare and contrast two files with Diffchecker. All you have to do is upload and paste two files and then select find the difference. The great thing about Diffchecker is that you do not have to sign up or register for an account.


Mou is often described as the missing markdown editor for developers. This program saves html codes as you type. Currently, this program is only available for Mac OS X. The good news is that there are a number of other programs that are very similar to Mou, including Markdown Pad, Dilligener and Markable.

JS Bin

This is a program that first made its debut in 2008. JS Bin is a public place bin that allows people to debug HTML, javascript and CSS. You can also check on multiple platforms while you are working. Additionally, JS Bind saves your work automatically after you have started typing.


You can very easily test snippets of your html and CSS snippets. Some people call it an interactive playground. Your Dabblets are very easily saved to your GistHub account. Therefore, you will not lose the data if the Dabblet goes down for some reason.

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