Use Social Media and Content Strategy for Better SEO

social media and content strategy

social media and content strategyWhen people decide which keywords they would go for in their SEO campaign, they should incorporate them into all of their pages and links, particularly through Facebook and other social media websites. Providing top quality content across several networks will enhance a website’s profile significantly, sometimes the social networking site can rank higher than the actual website since it tends to attract more visitors. This isn’t really a problem as long as your site continues to bring in visitors and remains high on Google’s ranking algorithm.

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Having multiple connections to a webpage will increase its popularity and create lots more business and profits, as long as the content is well written and appeals to visitors there will always be an increase in traffic.

SEO and Social Media

Using SEO techniques along with social media and content marketing can increase trust in a company and provide lifelong relationships with customers, particularly through social networking sites. Content marketing can be used to increase customer base using lots of different methods, such as competitions or other promotions, which can be done a lot easier through Facebook since it will reach a wider audience.

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The ease of communication through social media means there is a massive potential market to be found and it’s a lot easier than other advertising campaigns.

Content Marketing

The best way to start any content marketing is to produce a top quality article that is directed towards your targeted audience. Using Google Adwords keyword tool to choose the best keywords will be a good starting point, which also has the benefit of giving detailed information about keywords used in specific locations so it’s easier to optimize an article for any audience.

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Once the appropriate keywords have been chosen the article should be written as well as possible with 2-4% keyword density, any more than that would cause Google’s algorithm to flag the article as junk.

Keyword Selection

Selecting the keywords is the easy part but making the article sound natural is what will determine how well it ranks, with Google giving preference to articles that look natural and read well. Also make sure the article is of the highest standard since it will be responsible for generating the traffic to a site.

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Once the article is finished it should be placed on other third party sites with a link back to the target website, which will further increase traffic and ultimately sales. The more sites linking to it the better and creating new blogs and press releases will only help it grow even quicker.

Link Building

Some of the best ways to increase a site’s popularity are often the easiest and simplest to employ, such as posting an article on Facebook or connecting it through a Twitter account. There are plenty of different Facebook pages that could be used to link to your article and the more attention it gets the more your company will grow.

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Carefully selecting Tweets and websites will get more people talking about an article and this has the potential to increase customer base at an exponential rate, although it’s important to select appropriate sites for the content in the article otherwise it could have a negative effect.

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