Top 3 Website Builders for 2013

Top 3 Website Builders 2013

Top 3 Website Builders 2013

The Internet offers a plethora of website building platforms to choose from. The number of such services has grown dramatically over the last couple of years, and it doesn’t seem to slow down.

In the light of this fact, selecting the optimal website builder can be a tough task. Luckily, there are well-known, tried-and-tested site constructors powering millions of full-fledged websites all over the world. So, you can cease mining for gems through the rubble – I’ve already done this for you. Below I’ve compiled a brief list of website builders that are worth your attention. They have both positive sides and probable disadvantages. So, take your time to test drive all of them prior to making your ultimate decision.

#1 uCoz

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This platform is #1 site constructor in Eastern Europe. It has 16 full-fledged language localizations and 4 million active websites. Launched in 2005.

Strong Sides: The modularity of the system: they offer a list of Modules (Blog, Forum, Polls, Mini Chat, and others) that you can enable, modify and disable anytime to expand your website functionality. Another positive side is their feature-laden free plan. Here are some of the features they offer at no charge:

  • Extended statistics.
  • Ability to use a previously purchased domain name.
  • Ability to generate a custom email.
  • Unlimited traffic.
  • User group management.

Possible Drawbacks: On uCoz website creator you’ll have to display third party ads and the system copyright (in case you use a free plan). These inconveniences can be removed by upgrading your subscription.

#2 Webydo

Website Builders 2013

Webydo is primarily targeted at designers seeking for an easy, but powerful web design suite. The platform’s motto is ‘Freedom of web design’.

Strong Sides: Webydo boasts a patent-pending code converter that enables web designers to create websites from scratch without writing a single line of code – their DMS (design management system) and CMS are completely code-free. Other advantages include:

  • Fast load times.
  • Freedom of customization (you can edit your website elements with pixel accuracy there).
  • Ability to manage multiple websites and clients.
  • Friendly community.

Possible Drawbacks: On Webydo website creator you can’t move your website to a domain name using their free plan. This option is available only for Premium users.

#3 Squarespace

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Squarespace is the optimal destination for those who’re looking for wow-effect templates and eye-pleasing imagery. Launched in 2004.

Strong Sides: The first thing you notice on Squarespace is their collection of jaw-dropping designs. They have a very modern air. Apart from these, on Squarespace you can get:

  • Free custom domain (for annual accounts).
  • Easy importing and exporting.
  • A decent SEO toolset.
  • Full code control (Developer Platform).

Possible Drawbacks: Squarespace website creator has no free version (free 14-day trial only). Comparing to other similar platforms, their prices are very high (the lowest package is $8/mo if billed annually and $10 if paid month-to-month.

Final Thoughts

As for me, website building platforms are the very definition of technology innovation, as they allow HTML-illiterate users to create, maintain and publish their websites with ultimate ease. The benefits of using suchlike SaaS (software as a service) platforms are obvious:

  1. They let you concentrate of what really matters (you website concept, branding, promotion) rather than wasting your time on resolving boring technical issues.
  2. They’re cost-effective: creating a website using a website builder is far more cheaper than hiring a webmaster (for those who have no idea about how sites are being built).
  3. They allow you to improve your website as your business grows (most sitebuilders offer the most advanced web design tools in their Premium packages).

In other words, websites built on free SaaS platforms are by no means inferior to other sites in the Blogosphere :). Just make sure you’re selecting the most functional and flexible site builder.

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