Different Types Of Web Hosting Services for WordPress


Browsing through a website, not many really think twice about how the process of hosting a web page even works. A web page is made of text and image, with designs and fonts specific to the page of course. Websites are made up of a number of web pages collectively; these are sites that you use to navigate from one tab to the other.

Different Types Of Web Hosting Services for WordPress

These complied websites have data stored on various servers; this is how users are able to access the same websites at different locations. So if for personal use or business use you decide to put up a web site you will need to enlist the services of a web host. Here are the various types of web host services available.

Shared hosting

Popularly known as virtual web hosting, this category sees a number of websites using the same physical web servers. A server can hold anything from a hundred to a thousand websites depending upon the type of server it is running. Now many people re of the misconception that just because the server is shared by so many people that the performance of the website goes down and runs slow. This is far from the virtual truth of the matter. Shared hosting servers are specially equipped with technical features that allow for the server to carry many websites, not affecting performance and speed at all.

Dedicated hosting

As opposed to shared hosting which opens its doors to many websites, dedicated hosting is home to only one client. As there is only one client under the dedicated hosting umbrella, he has complete control over the server. Multiple websites can be managed by the one person with this option. Te user is able to modify the application and determine bandwidth restrictions if necessary. Since this type of hosting is more confidential in a way, it does tend to cost a bit more than the other options.

Reseller hosting

As the name implies, this type of hosting service resells the space to third person users. The space is purchased by an individual at a discounted amount, and this individual then sells the same at a varied price thereby making a profit. Resellers usually include web designers and developers, as well as companies that provide the service as an add-on. There could be a slight communication difficulty however with this plan, as the main server makes all the changes to the website and it could take time to effectively transfer data across.

Different Types Of Web Hosting Services

Consider each category separately and evaluate which one better fulfils your requirements before you ultimately settle on one. If you are a bigger business then you might want to go with a dedicated host, smaller ventures can be accommodated just fine with shared hosting. Finances too come into play as one could be more expensive than the other, the benefits that come along with each plan also varies. But as with all things, quality is the most important so be sure to deal with a host that delivers quality and assures you what your site requires.

The author, Alan Pitt, is a SEO expert and a freelance writer. He enjoys blogging in his spare time. He feels the benefits of shared server hosting are much more compared to any other form of web hosting. He says for more information about shared hosting you can visit the official website of Midphase.