10 Reasons Why Outreach is So Important


You’ve put in the leg work…

You created high-quality content – and continue to do so – you share it on social media sites like Facebook and even LinkedIn, you continue to add to your small list of email subscribers…

But there is still no increase in traffic to show for it.

Growing a brand and increasing traffic can be tough and sometimes, the experience can be so discouraging that many marketers even decide to give up.

Especially in a competitive niche, organic search engine traffic can be quite tough to acquire.

What you really need are some fans who will then share your content, helping you capture more fans…

But, how do you get to dip your feet into that pool?


By leveraging the audience of someone else in your same niche.

What is outreach marketing anyways?


Consider this…

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is a big name. In fact, he came in as the highest-paid actor in 2016.

So, if he posts on his Instagram that he is using a new deodorant and includes the brand, suddenly, that brand will become the next big thing and will likely see their sales sky rocket.


Because The Rock’s opinion is valuable and his influence is huge.

Outreach marketing works the same way just online.  Sometimes referred to as influencer marketing, outreach marketing is a simple strategy that involves directly promoting your content to influential people who share a similar audience as yours.

So, back to The Rock…

Since he works out quite often, chances are he needs a strong deodorant. Therefore, people will trust that whatever he is using will last even through the toughest of workouts.

Why is outreach marketing important?

The obvious question is why does your company need outreach marketing…

We get it, why would you be wanting to drop your marketing strategy and take up outreach marketing overnight?

But, would you ever go to court without a lawyer?


Well, here are the top 10 reasons why outreach marketing it is so important:

  1. It connects you to a much larger audience. Think of the tens of thousands of followers your potential partner has.
  2. It helps you build quality links. And, let’s face it, quality links are a must-have.
  3. It gives your product and company a personal touch. It always makes things look better when someone you know is using them.
  4. It adds credibility to your brand. Who doesn’t want to use something The Rock keeps on hand at all times, right?
  5. It gives you an easy marketing strategy. Basically, recruit your partner, give them the product, ask them to post about it. It’s as easy as 1,2,3.
  6. It is usually free. Social media can easily fit into any marketing budget, and typically you don’t have to pay the person on the other end. Simply give them some free product and let the “likes” roll in.
  7. It increases brand awareness. When people hear about your product, the internet is the first place they are going to do their research.
  8. It helps you network. If the post receives positive feedback, chances are that the influencer will not mind working with you again and maybe even again.
  9. It is valuable for your call to action. In the world of purchasing decisions, blog posts are especially valuable for consumers.
  10. It encourages a follow-through. Bloggers are mainly influencers, therefore having your product featured in a blog post or on a well-known blogger’s social media site is a great way to have a click through people will actually click on.