Headlines: Increasing Clickthroughs Using Compelling Titles

The 5 Marks of Quality Business Signage

Engaging your potential clients through online content is important because it establishes your business as a trusted leader in your industry. The content that you share shows that your business is willing to go the extra mile to provide useful information.

Headlines and Subject Lines: Increasing Clickthroughs Using Compelling Titles

Whether you send your clients a monthly newsletter or regularly update a blog, reaching out to your network online keeps you connected to those that are most interested in your business. Follow these five tips to engage your clients with your online content:

Provide relevant material.

Creating informative and educational content will establish your business as a knowledgeable information source. If potential clients are looking for a product or service that you provide, they will have a good understanding of your company. Your online presence makes your business more approachable, and regularly reaching out to your network with useful information will keep you ahead of your competition.

Create suspense.

Use key phrases and headlines that make the reader curious and eager to follow the links for more information. You don’t need to give everything away in a headline. If you are sending out a newsletter, include links to posts on your website to drive online traffic to your home page. Consider hiring an online marketing professional to assess your online presence and guide you in the right direction. Many small businesses have shared positive Yodle reviews after hiring them to build their online marketing plan.

Utilize keywords.

Keywords are the driving factor in your search engine ranking. Make sure that your website and blog postings have keywords in the titles that your potential customers will be searching for. This is especially important if you operate a small business that serves a specific geographic market. Make sure that you city’s name is prominent. It is also a great idea to share local information such as events and causes that your company supports.

Use numbers in your headlines.

Numbered headlines engage the reader and encourage them to click through to get the full story. For example, if you operate a home inspection business, you can engage readers with relevant articles such as “Five Questions to Ask Your Home Inspector” or “Four Ways to Spot a Roof That Needs Replacing.” These kinds of titles tell the reader that they will be learning valuable information that has been summarized into a concise and captivating article.

Make it personal.

Address your readers as though you are speaking directly to them. This casual approach will establish a personal relationship and encourage two-way communication. Share updates about your business, such as a five year anniversary in business or a new staff member that has joined your team. It’s OK to share some of your milestones, and it shows that your business is committed to continuous improvement.

The main objective when building your online marketing strategy is creating a presence that makes your business stand out. Using compelling titles will captivate your audience. Your content will draw in your target market and keep people interested in your business and what you have to offer. A solid marketing plan must be consistent and full of relevant information. Your online audience will turn to you to provide the information that they are looking for and your business will continue to establish itself as a knowledgeable leader in your field.

Amber Davis is a veteran of web marketing. She enjoys writing about common strategies and emerging techniques in effective online marketing plans.

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  1. You’ve made some good points there – a good headline is certainly needed to get people clicking..
    It’s hard sometimes to think up unique headlines – they all seem to have been used before. I always try and put myself in the shoes of the reader to decide if I’d be interested in reading more. If not, I try another wording.

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