HOT A Camera Comparison – Sony Xperia Z Vs. Other Top Phones

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When the new phone from Sony, the Xperia Z, was first announced just about everyone was startled by its vital statistics, and particularly those of the camera.  The camera sports 13 megapixels and HD video; its camera promised to be the best in the industry.

Sony Xperia Z

With the push towards eliminating the need for other devices when the right smartphone is purchased, the quality of the camera is due some attention. Integrating a 13 megapixel camera is a significant step forwards and more than matches many of the standalone digital cameras currently on sale

Many of the other smartphones like Xperia M2 Tasche  on the market provide the ability to take superb pictures, but by specification, they are far inferior.  So let’s have a look at whether the Sony Xperia Z does actually destroy the competition, or just join it.

The Test

A number of pictures were taken in various light conditions on the iPhone, the Samsung Galaxy S3,  the Samsung Note 2, and the Sony Xperia Z.

The Sony Xperia Z took some pretty amazing photos. However, when viewed as an average, the top-end Samsung’s and the iPhone 5 actually produced more good pictures.  The Sony Xperia Z actually missed out in quality terms on many occasions.  Sure, this Sony Xperia Z can take brilliant photos but the other manufacturers seem to just know how to get the most out of their specifications.

More About the Sony Xperia Z

The Sony Xperia Z certainly is a very good top-end phone.  Sony really haven’t been competing at the premium end in the past, but with this phone, they do enter the realm of the best smartphones on the market.

On the camera, they have a good device.  Their display is excellent and the overall performance is powered by an excellent processor that is smooth, functional, and enticing.

Shame About the Camera But it’s still a Good Phone

We really got so excited about the 13 megapixel camera that the phone comes with that we felt a bit let down. We expected so much more from the specifications but it just under-delivers.  It is a classic case of the overall performance being less than some of its parts. However, it is still  a very good Sony entry to the market that rivals the iPhone, the Samsung’s, and the best HTC’s. Sony certainly have turned the corner with this phone, producing a beautiful functional all-rounder that ticks a lot of the boxes.

In the future, if they can get those 13 megapixel working for them, and continue to produce such good looking phones, they surely will end-up with a permanent place in the smartphone market.

There is so much competition in the telecoms industry. The sector is one that has continued to grow through recession and is cash rich.  There certainly are a lot of resources going into phone development from all the big manufacturers.  It’s a hard place to carve out a niche, but with time and investment, Sony looks set to retain a position as a sexy phone provider.  Certainly, if it’s good enough for James Bond, it’s good enough for me.

Phil Turner is amazed whenever he looks at a new phone. Each one just does more than the one before it.