HostGator Baby Plan Review – Reliable Web Hosting

HostGator Baby Plan Review - Reliable Web Hosting

When it comes to researching and comparing website hosting, the number of plans available today can really make your head start to spin. However, very few plans have quite as much to offer and at the same price point as the HostGator Baby Plan.

HostGator Baby Plan Review - Reliable Web Hosting

Whether you’re running a small business or are just looking for a way to host multiple personal sites that you’re hoping to turn into revenue, the HostGator Baby Plan might be exactly what you’re looking for.

Overview: What Is the HostGator Baby Plan?

The HostGator Baby Plan offers support and hosting for an unlimited amount of domains. That makes the plan different than many standard plans that limit the amount of domains that you can register and use – even HostGator’s Hatchling plan, which limits the amount of domains that you can have.

While the HostGator Baby Plan is designed for some business users, it doesn’t have the same e-commerce solutions as plans designed specifically for bigger businesses. However, this can be a benefit to companies that sell one or two items or services over multiple domains, simply because the e-commerce solutions provided by the HostGator Baby Plan are simple and easy to implement.

HostGator Baby Plan – Features

HostGator Baby Plan Review

The HostGator Baby Plan also offers a whole host of other features you won’t find offered by other companies at a low price point. For example, the plan includes unlimited disk space – something that’s fairly hard to come by through an affordable plan. Companies that offer unlimited disk space usually want to charge a high premium for this service.

This plan also comes with a shared SSL certificate that will be implemented and available for visitors to view on all of your sites.

Along with the unique features of the plan, you’ll also have access to HostGator’s control panel, which is actually the number-one most used control panel in the world. Access to this efficient control panel is especially important for customers who have multiple domains and need to make changes and updates quickly.

Another popular feature of HostGator is how simple it is to install your WordPress. Because WordPress is one of the most-used blogging platforms today, and for good reason, HostGator makes it simple for you to install your WordPress through QuickInstall, Fantastico DeLuxe or manually.

HostGator Baby Plan – Pricing and Advantages

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The HostGator Baby plan starts at only $6.36 per month, making it considerably more affordable than other plans on the market with the same range of convenient features, like a shared SSL certificate, unlimited disk space and unlimited domains.

Another main advantage of the this plan is that users can set up online carts and stores for each of their sites – even though the plan isn’t designed exclusively for business use. This ability is something that competitors charge for in addition to hosting, which will drive the monthly price way over that of the $6.36 base price offered by HostGator.

HostGator is likely a name you’ve heard of before in searching for a reliable host. While the low prices might entice you, you should also know that you’ll have 24/7/365 customer support if anything should go wrong or you need help.

Low prices and flexibility are important, but so is customer support. That’s something that HostGator doesn’t scrimp on, so you can sleep easy at night.

When it comes to finding a reliable and affordable web host, you’ll likely find many offers, but few can really compare to the features, prices and advantages that HostGator offers!

Marcela De Vivo is a freelance writer and online marketing professional in Southern California. Writing for BlogWranglers has allowed her to share her knowledge of website hosting and WordPress integration.

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