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When using an ecommerce website builder by 1ShoppingCart to make your new storefront, one thing that you need to consider is how robust the servers are that you will be using. Look at reports from the servers over the last few years. If you can find some reviews, read through them and see what other people think about them.

This is true both for paid servers and for those that are offered for free. You need to be sure that they will always be reliable and that they will never crash, because a crash can have a huge impact on your business.

Ecommerce Website Builder

For one thing, it ruins your chances of making any sales that day. If your site is down, nothing is going to go through off of that site. You might still make sales if you also have products up on other sites, but even these could be impeded. If the sites are linked, for example, people might not be able to get the products from anywhere. Having the servers crash for just one day could cost you hundreds or even thousands of dollars, depending on the size of your company, so it is worth it to pay slightly more for reliable servers.

Another downside is that the orders that you meant to ship out might not be able to go through as well. For example, people could have purchased things overnight, and all of those purchases are stored on the servers. If you cannot get to the right information, you cannot read the orders, pull the items, fill the orders, collect payments, or send them out. This puts everything behind, which could get you some bad feedback from buyers who do not understand why it took you more than 24 hours to ship out the items that they ordered.

Even after everything is back up and running again, you could find yourself swamped with too much work. All of those old orders are going to come up and need to be prioritized. At the same time, the new orders are going to start coming in, and you need to work on them as well. If your staff is only large enough to handle one day’s worth of work, you can quickly fall behind, and it could become a hole that is nearly impossible to get out of. Robust servers can save you from dealing with all of this trouble.