Cisdem DuplicateFinder 3 for Mac Review

Cisdem DuplicateFinder 3 for Mac

There is a need for Duplicate Finder because it removes the duplicate files from the system. If there are many numbers of duplicate files in your system, it becomes difficult. In order to overcome the difficulties, we can use DuplicateFinder 3 . Even though there are certain tools that can help you find the duplicate files in MAC but I found that Cisdem DuplicateFinder 3 is the best Mac duplicate file finder.Cisdem DuplicateFinder 3 for Mac

Now we can discuss how Duplicate File Finder Mac can help you to find the duplicate files. Before that, we have to find the need to remove the duplicate files in your system.


There are several reasons to remove the duplicate files in the system. The reasons are given below:

  • It occupies a large amount of space in computer’s hard drive
  • It is difficult to find the original files as well as duplicate files
  • It is complicated to select a file from many copies while editing.


Duplicate file finder is a lightweight program and offers an accurate way to detect and find all duplicate out of depths and remove them in batch to free up your external/internal hard drive spaces quickly. It is designed with greater speed, advanced features, duplicate scanning algorithms, gives best solutions to find and delete duplicate files.

There are some of the products recommended for your computer.CISDEM DUPLICATEFINDER 3 FOR MAC

You can check the products which are available. These products can be used as cost effective and used in a smooth manner.


The process involves three steps which are shown belowCISDEM DUPLICATEFINDER 3 FOR MAC

The first step is to scan the duplicate content by adding individual or multiple folders and the next step is to report by separating into 7 categories and it will show the details of the scanned files, duplicated files and the space of the storage. The final step is to delete the duplicated files by hiding or adding it to the excluded lists or by moving it to the trash or by deleting it completely.


First, download the software and install it. Open the interface and You will get the option for adding the folder. From that, you can add single to multiple folders as shown below.CISDEM DUPLICATEFINDER 3 FOR MAC

Next, select the required option as per your preference as shown belowCISDEM DUPLICATEFINDER 3 FOR MAC

Check or uncheck the box and Start scanning. From that, you can exclude some of the files with defined extension. After the process of scanning, the summary of the duplicate files will appear as shown below


The next step is to search the files for the keywords and the files with matching criteria will appear on the tool. Finally, you can select the files which are to be deleted and then delete it.CISDEM DUPLICATEFINDER 3 FOR MAC

From the above- mentioned steps, you can clean and duplicate the files easily


There are certain features for the best duplicate file finder which are listed below.

Cisdem Duplicate Finder 3 for Mac: Feature Overview

The basic features of cisdem duplicate finder is scan, report and delete

SCAN– It not only scans the folder but also adds the subfolder by ensuring the duplicate files are being checked. There are other features like scanning the app specific folders like iphotos or itunes, multiple folders and external devices like camera, USB etc

REPORT– This feature will show you the brief summary in the classified form in the form of audio, text etc and it traces the location of the duplicated files

DELETE– During the deleting process, you can preview them before deleting. You can choose the option of deleting by either deleting it completely or moving it to the trash.

Other features of cisdem duplicatefinder are given below:

  • Powerful scanning engine– It is the easiest method of duplication of files
  • Stop– During the process of scanning you can stop the work at any time
  • Select all– Select all helps to select all the files or folders in an easier manner. Deselection can also be made possible with this feature
  • Full screen– Full-screen option helps to locate the files in an easier manner.
  • Quick search– Searching helps to find the duplicate files in a folder. This is one of the simplest and easiest method.
  • Size setting– The duplicated files can be specified according to their size.
  • Exclude lists– This option excludes the files and folders which are not even scanned.


There are several advantages of this cisdem duplicate finder. They are listed below

  • It saves the times for the user during the process of duplicating the files
  • It is easy to use
  • It has special features which make the work easier
  • It helps to free up the large amount of storage space
  • It is one of the smartest, simplest and precise methods of duplicating files


There are several disadvantages of this cisdem duplicate finder. They are listed below

  • Deselecting the folders is not at all possible before scanning process
  • During the delete option warnings may appear as pop-up screen which may disturb the user while working


This cisdem duplicate finder is user-friendly and you can buy it for $29.99+. it is a one time cost. This app is available in both English and French. This app provides an offer of 20% discount for the institutions such as schools, colleges, organisations, government officials etc. If you want to use the app for more number of systems you can buy the license so that it supports many numbers of systems.

This app also provides a service of 30-days money back guarantee. If you didn’t like the app you can ask for the money back. They can accept the payment by card facilities, PayPal, etc. Cisdem also provide facilities like free technical support and free lifetime updates.


This is the review about cisdem duplicate finder for mac. Hope you come to know about the process of removing the duplicated files, their pros and cons and their price.

This is one of the simplest methods and user-friendly. The amount of the cisdem duplicate finder is minimum, and hence it won’t be difficult for the users to buy.