Signs You’re Not Engaging Enough With Customers

Signs You're Not Engaging Enough With Customers

One of the most important things that your business needs is to be engaging with customers. Customer engagement goes so far beyond the supply of products and services. When you are dealing with patients and clients in the healthcare sphere especially, you’re going to have to consider how your engagement is going to affect those around you.

Customer engagement can begin long before you see anyone. Your commitment to your customers starts with the way that you market your business and within healthcare, that will mean focusing on patient engagement. It’s important that you look at the whole buying process so that you can make a difference to your customers. This will help them to decide whether to do business with you or not. Below, we’ve got some of the most important signs to look for which will tell you that you’re not engaging enough with customers.Signs You're Not Engaging Enough With Customers

  1. People just aren’t commenting or engaging with your social media. Believe it or not, you need social media for your business to thrive. It’s one of the most positive ways that you can engage with and converse with customers. You need to put out posts that are going to attract viewers. Your posts may not be getting the right response rate and this is a clear sign you’re not engaging enough with your customers. 
  2. Your website traffic sucks. Whether you are running a healthcare clinic or you’re running a business selling eggs on the side of the road – if you have a website, it needs traffic! You need people to visit your site because your clicks will determine where you appear on the search engine results pages. No people = no clicks. No clicks = no profit.
  3. You are watching your sales go down. One of the biggest signs that you aren’t doing enough to engage with your customers is that your profits are dwindling. You should be able to see your profits go up, but if they’re falling then there is something going wrong. People won’t feel as if they should be engaging, and as your sales go down, so do you down the search engine results pages. Sales matter, as these sales will push positive conversation. 
  4. You can see it! If you are engaging with customers in person, then you’re going to see it in person when they’re not interested in what you are saying. This is actually a killer for a business because you are seeing a valid disinterest. You have to fix it quickly before they tell everyone else that you’re unable to deliver what they need.
  5. They’re buying elsewhere. This is the final nail in the customer service coffin: if people go elsewhere to buy, they’re not going to want to come to you for your services and products. If you don’t engage enough, no one will know what you’re offering or how what you’re offering is different to everyone else! Engagement is a must for your customers to want to keep coming to you.