3 Reason Why You Should Start Blogging In 2013

5 Things Every Blogger Should Know

You are still spending too much time on Social Network doing nothing, now is the best time to do something which can even change your whole life. If you don’t know what I am referring to then here is the answer “Start Blogging in 2013“.

Blog is a  contraction of the words web log, which means your Ideas and articles on Web. It’s not so hard to start a blog, for a successful blog you need to follow some guidelines and that’s all.  Please refer below post if you want to know what are some of the guidelines you need to follow.

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I started blogging last year and one thing I can tell is I stopped surfing all these social network and concentrated on a single subject “Blogging”. Now here I am sharing my personal experience and reasons  “Why You Should Start Blogging In 2013“.

Knowledge and Opportunities

Its been one year and everyone can see the difference between my first post and this post. I gained a lot of knowledge on various subjects including search engine optimization, domain flipping, WordPress, search engine marketing, social networks and list continues. Few months back some advertising agency from my city contacted me to work with them on social media marketing, I declined their offer as I was already in contract with other firm. Blogging for business or personal blog both can bring great opportunities with decent perks.

Business and Money

Yeah it’s right you can even turn your blog into a business. I am going to start  a company sometime in 2014 and I have already chosen its name “Ebuzznet”, Basically it will be a small firm mainly concentrated over tech news and youth media along with web design and seo services. I know the rules how these stuff works, so it will not be a great deal to tackle all requirement. I know many blogger, who have already migrated or turned their blogging ideas into online business.

It’s not so hard to earn from your blog but it’s not so easy also, all it requires is a great effort and hard work. According to a survey done by blogging.org during 2012 “81% Never Make $100 From Blogging“. Well I don’t know how much this is correct, all I can say is I have seen many bloggers making 100-300$ per day. If you don’t believe me then just go to Flippa.com and see the results.

Authority and Trust

Becoming an authority in any niche can take some time and comes with a lot of experience and exposure. Before or after starting a blog make sure you follow related blogs and journals, this will help you to gain latest knowledge and ideas. Lets take an example – Everyone usually buys stuff after thorough analysis and reading reviews, reviews are given by either subscribers or someone who know that stuff. So if you continuously blog on certain subject then it’s not hard to know all the secrets and myths.

Share your own experience and reason to blog in the comments below and don’t forget to see our Free WordPress Blog Setup offer.