How to Find Your True Business Voice

How to Find Your True Business Voice

How to Find Your True Business Voiceimage Credit

Your voice is like your fingerprint. It is unique and totally yours. No one can take it away from you. But unlike your fingerprints, you have to develop it a little. When you bring your voice to your business, you want people to understand exactly who you are. As this will be the first point of your transaction and interaction, this first impression is vital. Finding your true voice means that you can go on and develop a real and meaningful relationship with your customers. Here are some thoughts on how to find and develop that voice.

You come before your talent

Have you ever watched a TV talent show work through a list of contestants? The one thing that the panel ask and that we pick up on is personality. That personality is like a unique selling point. Later down the line, the question always gets asked. So what is your story? How did you come to be here? At this point, we are interested. Humans, especially now in this digital and high-tech age, still want to know the story. That is because our primary motive is curiosity about the human condition. We want to know what makes people tick. Your customers will want to know your story. Your story is expressed through your voice.

Write it down

Make diverse notes. Don’t just focus on your product. Look for the stories. Look for the human angle. Focus on feelings. How does it make you feel to be where you are and doing what you do? How does it relate to the bigger questions in life? Answering these questions will provoke real emotions. Shared emotions create connections. And connections are your life-blood.

Create curiosity

In a sense, it does not matter what product or service you are offering. What you are developing is the response to a need. That need has a back story because it links into something that is lacking somewhere. You are providing a solution to a problem. Talk about that solution and talk about the human problem that is solves or helps.

Curiosity is created precisely because we are interested in seeing if this will all work out. This is why testimonials are so important. It is why reviews matter. We are connecting to the people behind the story. Your business is all about a story, and your customers will be curious to know yours.

Make your single voice into a choir

A riveting choir will be all singing the same tune, but they will add interest, variation and subtle changes with harmony and melody. Your online marketing approach could do well to reflect that. Digital marketing for small business is about having a variety of channels all contributing to the same message. But at the same time a coordinated and professional approach will use a host of different strategies.

Bring it all together

Blending seamlessly, use your website and your marketing strategies to create a whole unified voice that draws people in. Create curiosity and let your story come to fore.That is the one sure thing that will help you rise above and stand out from the competition.