Five Awesome Blogging Tips to Help Your Website Get Noticed


It seems like everyone today has their own blog, which makes it important to be unique and creative when trying to get your website noticed by readers. Blogging isn’t a complex art, but it is one that requires a lot of time and dedication. You need to make sure that you have a good solid and trustworthy connection to the internet. You can test out for some ideas.

1. Be Consistent

One of the best ways to keep up a readership is by constantly updating your website. You should decide on a schedule of either daily or weekly updates and always update on time. Many blog programs allow you to schedule articles in advance, which means that you can put content in the pipe to make sure that every update becomes live at the right time. Readers are far more likely to visit a website consistently if the owner of the website is consistent as well.

2. Find A Niche

While a general blog can still track in viewers, most blogs that get a high amount of traffic are filling a very specific niche. This can be as simple as shifting the focus of your blog to the topic that you talk about the most. You can always look at your statistics to see which pages on your blog are getting the most traffic, and then slowly shift the emphasis towards those topics.

3. Have Unique Content

Though there may be a temptation to pound out a lot of fast content to fill the website, it should be avoided. Readers can tell when content is truly valuable and when it’s being written to kill time. Readers also tend to become more attached to blogs that have a clear voice and an interesting writer. If you truly want blog success you’ll have to reach down into your personality and share it with your viewers.

4. Connect To Others

Reaching out to other similar blogs is a great way to secure additional traffic and establish yourself as an expert. You can leave valuable comments on other blogs within your network, and also create alliances with other blog writers to share content or link to each other. These relationships can be mutually beneficial when your blog has a similar but not identical theme as another blog.

5. Use Other Media

Branching out into other media is also a great way to get your blog noticed. Print materials and videos can draw viewers to your website through other avenues. Videos in particular are a great way to expand your readership while engaging a whole new type of audience.

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  1. Hi Annabelle , thanks for sharing your tips , they are really enlightening , as a new blogger the most challenging part is how to write creatively . And what is the length of word count for norm post or page? thanks

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