A Managed Hosting site you have got to check out for yourself!


While there are a ton of hosting companies out there, every now and then one catches our eye and we feel the need to bring it to the attention of our readers. In this case, the company Umbee Hosting caught our attention in many different ways.


The first thing that caught our eye was the managed hosting section of their website. The employees at Umbee Hosting take the time to design a specific plan just for your needs, while managing the whole process for you so you can focus on other needs for your business. You basically get to outsource your entire hosting section of your business to true professionals, as you focus on growing your business with the extra time you now have on your hands.

There are a ton of companies that offer this, what makes Umbee Hosting special?

 Well for one, the customer service is incredible. That is something we really are sticklers for here, and if you provide not only a great product, but also a great customer service team, then that is definitely bonus points in our book. Not only do you have access to 24/7 live chat, there is also a dedicated phone line you can call; so you can speak to the actual representative directly.

What is another nice touch is that all of this is run on ultra secure servers, that are dedicated to a single purpose, managing your hosting needs in any way, shape or form. These servers are fully optimized and secured by a bulletproof Tier 4 data center. In layman’s terms, these guys are not messing around.

There has got to be even more features than this right?

Of course! While we would be able to go on for days, the next thing we wanted to mention was the incredible backup system they have for your business.  Right off the bat, without even asking for backup protection, Umbee Hosting provides its clients with 14 days worth of storage. This takes care of 14 days of your businesses vital information. These 14 days come standard for any managed hosting client, and if you have a bigger need than the standard allotment of days, simply contact the customer support and they will work out plan that fits every need of your business

While this backup feature is nice, what really takes the cake is when a file fails to be backed up. Not only does this particular hosting company send you an immediate alert of what file failed, but it automatically tries to re-backup the file instantly. No need for you to go searching for the file manually and waste your time when you could be doing more important things. All of it is taken care for you!

Tell us one last feature that you just have to share!

If we had to choose a single feature that we haven’t mentioned already, it would have to be the anti virus protection that Umbee hosting offers. This protection comes standard with every account (we always love when 99% of the features come standard) and is truly a step above the rest of the competition.

Not only does the standard package protect you from all incoming virus threats, it also fully manages all the virus reporting and updating, so your server never has a chance to be unprepared by an unknown virus. Even with all this Malware protection is thrown in with this package and should there ever be an issue, you get instant alerts and reports sent directly to you in real time.

There are a ton of other features that we just simply couldn’t stuff into this article, but Umbee Managed Hosting is definitely an option that will be at the forefront of the hosting market real soon!