Three Ways To Help You Be A Top Blogger

Three Ways To Help You Be A Top Blogger

It’s hard being an unappreciated blogger. You pour your heart and soul into your work. Does it get you anywhere? No, sadly not. Being successful in blogging is tough. Sure you could just do it if you like it so much. There needs to be more incentive though.

Three Ways To Help You Be A Top Blogger

Even for a creative endeavor, not being recognized for your skill is hard. Being the unsung hero is not a fun life. The good news is it doesn’t always have to be that way. This isn’t a magic trick. It isn’t a scam either. There are ways to increase your blogging notoriety.


Every blogger thinks they’re a lone wolf at the start. It’s okay. Everybody needs a few weeks of wilderness posting and wondering why nobody is flocking to them in adoration. The reason is that nobody knows you exist.

Find a community or individuals with similar blogs. Be an active participant on what is happening on their blog. Cynically, you could just post a lot for exposure. The more you are seen, the more people who may click through to your blog.

Getting to know people is important. If they like you and your blog, bigger bloggers might link to you. They might even go so far as to encourage their readership to follow you.

Don’t make friends for the sake of getting seen, but know the right people can have benefits.

Search Engines

SEO consultants might be for when you’re going ‘pro’ with blogging. If you are getting contacted by establishments related to your blog, then it is time to try SEO. SEO should raise your relevancy rating in search engines.

You may notice a bolster in your placement on search results. A good way to do this is artificially and organically. SEO is the artificial boost, and actual people linking to your blog is the organic one.

If you don’t see a search engine boost without SEO, you may have a problem connecting to your readership.


Sometimes you have to acknowledge when the problem is with the blog itself. It can happen. Some people go into blogging thinking they know it all.

The truth is that nobody starts out amazing. It takes a long time to find a groove or format. Even if you have reached that stage, you have to wonder about the quality of the content.

Don’t get bogged down in just one posting style either. Reams of prose are not for everybody. Don’t be afraid to edit either. Add some pictures to break up the text. Find simpler and clearer ways of saying what you want to say.

A video is an alternative if you have the appropriate equipment. Don’t try video unless you have a good video and sound solution.

Some bad video can be forgiven, but the bad audio will not. Film somewhere quiet with no interference.

Hopefully with this guidance you should find some success, even if limited. As long as you want to blog, don’t give it up. It’s your hobby, and you should enjoy it.