What Everyone Needs to know about Wearing Jogger Pants

What Everyone Needs to know about Wearing Jogger Pants

Styling men’s wardrobe takes extra effort as unlike girls they have fewer choices to experiment with. The latest trend making waves in menswear are the stylish ‘jogger pants’. They are cool alternative to traditional suit pants and regular denims. The pants can raise the style quotient of any man if teamed up with appropriate uppers and of course the confidence to carry them well. Available in various colors, prints, fabrics and price, these pants are the latest trend you should try.  You can say jogger pants are an amalgamation of sophisticated trousers and regular sweatpants, resulting in elegant yet stylish jogger pants.

What Everyone Needs to know about Wearing Jogger Pants

What are jogger pants?

To ensure that you pick the correct pants, know what they actually are before buying anything. Do not confuse them with sweat pants or anything else. To find them look for the pants with tapered ankles. These pants have elastic at the bottom which is meant to fit at your ankles. The tapered ankle is what separates them from regular sweat pants. These pants can be the choice of any one from college boys to office men. They have become the hottest trend because of its cool look and comfortable style.

How to wear jogger pants?

To get the look right, pair them with appropriate tee or shirt along with pair of shoes that go well with them. You can choose from variety of colors, prints and fabrics that are available at retail as well as online stores. To save yourself from any fashion blunder, follow simple rules of styling jogger pants:

  • Choose a fabric that highlights the trend and not the one that is regular with men like khaki or denim etc. Try fabrics like tweed, wool or corduroy.
  • Team them up with either button-up shirt , striped tees or printed t-shirts that will level up your regular look.
  • If you are wearing a printed jogger pants make sure you team them up with a plain color shirt or tee. A printed upper and a printed bottom is a complete no.
  • Jogger pants are meant to give a cool look so do not try hard by wearing lace sneakers rather go for unlaced one and even formal shoes can go well.
  • Last but not the least is accessories. They aren’t necessary but if you wish you can choose from sports wrist watch to a chain in the neck or a stud in the ear lobe or anything that goes well with your outfit but do not overdo the look.

How to choose the correct jogger pants?

Jogger pants are different from sweat pants as they have elastic ankles. You will find variations in the ankles like some with striped elastic ankles, some with pop up colored ankles and so on. Decide the jogger pants according to the color and style of your t-shirt or shirt that you will team the pants with. For instance if you have a black and white striped ankle of jogger pant go for a plain color t-shirt from the color of the stripes and vice versa. The pants will make you stylish only when you dress them right.

If you are one of those who keep an eye for the latest trend, you ought to try jogger pants. These are the latest trend that is in demand too. Choose from various colors that suits and team up with vibrant uppers to boost your style quotient. According to style experts, this trend will last longer, so get the latest look now to get all eyes on you!