Top 10 Small Business Ideas 2013

Top 10 Small Business Ideas 2013

Top 10 Small Business Ideas 2013

If you want to start a successful small business you need a great idea. However, your idea needs to find traction in the market, and it should be something you have a vested interest in already.

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For instance, if you love computers, consider a computer repair business, or software development company. These small business ideas are innovative, accessible and marketable.

Small business ideas 2013 – Event Management

Event management
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Event Management companies are the perfect small business idea for anyone interested in helping other companies and individuals plan and manage big events. There’s definitely a need in the industry as companies constantly host events to market products. If you want to specialize, narrow your focus to large or mid-sized companies and slant your events towards marketing and promotions. Immerse yourself in what your clients will want and need, and make yourself accessible to them through simple but effective yellow pages advertisements.


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Consulting companies are an excellent choice as a small business. There’s a growing need for consultants in all fields including engineering, marketing, and scientific industries. Put your expertise to work. Starting a consulting company requires very little start-up capital. Just some business cards and a few well-placed ads. Consulting services will grow over 12 percent in the U.S. according to one study.


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Catering companies are perfect for those with a passion for food and wine. You’ll find no shortage of work. Cater weddings, large events, small business luncheons, graduation parties and even family reunions. All you need is a knack for cooking on a large scale and an ad in your local yellow pages.

Wedding Planners

wedding planner
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Wedding planners are always in demand and it makes a great small business. You can start it out of your home and work your social circle to find your first clients. It’s easy to get started if you know couples getting married.



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Trucking companies require a little bit of capital to get started but they can grow fast. This growth industry will grow over ten percent this year. Starting out is hard but once you land a few accounts there’s no limit to how large your company can grow. Learn the business first, as there are pitfalls. Start by working as a driver and then plan your business carefully.

Extermination Companies

small business ideas
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Extermination companies are in demand in commercial and residential settings. There is always need for exterminators and the business is virtually recession-proof. Starting one takes some capital but the returns can be lucrative. Once you start building a reliable client base business will multiply.


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Contracting is another excellent small business. Contractors don’t simply build homes they install windows, porches, build seamless gutters, repair roofs, and just about anything else that needs building. Specialize in a certain area like commercial overhead parking installations, or solar panel installation and you will attract clients seeking these services.

Window Cleaning Service

small business

Window cleaning is another excellent small business opportunity. It requires minimal start-up capital. All you need is enough money to buy professional window-cleaning equipment and some basic marketing materials. To start, conduct a mailing in some upscale neighbourhoods, and place an ad in the yellow pages. Then build your client base by offering the most reliable service. Specializing in either commercial or residential windows helps land more clients.

Gutter Installer

business ideas
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Gutter installers are in demand in most parts of the country and as a small business; it provides a reasonable income and steady work. Gutter installers fashion seamless gutters using a special machine and aluminium sheeting. So, you will need start-up money to begin. But your business can grow rapidly once your name gets out there.

Freelance Web Designer

Interested In Top Trending Tools For Development Of Website!Freelance web design, engineering and copywriting businesses are very inexpensive to start. You don’t need to create a business; you can work as a sole proprietor from home for any company seeking freelance workers. You can build your business as you take on more and more work and after awhile you will be able to choose your own clients.

Any of these great small business ideas 2013 can turn into a very lucrative small business with the right approach and dedication.

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