How Dedicated Gaming Servers Improve Your Gaming Experience

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A dedicated gaming server is a host server which has meets all the requirements needed to run an assortment of games at high levels of performance. The required performance of these dedicated gaming servers will, of course, depend on the game you’d like to play.

If you’re planning on setting up your own gaming server, you should know that there are some games out there that won’t let you charge people who join. This is especially the case for free, open source games.

Other games, however, will be completely fine with you charging an entrance fee so that gamers can utilize the performance of your dedicated gaming server. Monetizing this server will completely depend on the company you’re renting the server from, in addition to the games you will be running.

Most of the hosting companies out there have specialized softwares that can speed up the entire process of game configuration. These companies should, at the very least, offer you the necessary hardware that can allow your games to run at their peak capacities. That said, let’s have a look at some of the most common benefits of dedicated gaming IPs.

5 Benefits of a Dedicated Gaming IP

It doesn’t matter whether you are a pro or not, dedicated gaming IPs have some great benefits. You could either be looking to create a high performing server for your team to practice or you could be looking to offer the ultimate gaming server for the best experience. Whatever your reason is, dedicated gaming servers have tons of advantages.

Let’s enlighten you with some of the most common benefits of upgrading to dedicated gaming servers. You can also go ahead and find out more about gaming servers by following the link. 

1. Better Overall Gaming Performance

Among the biggest reasons to run your own dedicated gaming server is to provide gamers with the best gaming experience. If you are playing a game that allows such servers, then you should definitely go for the upgrade.

Why would you opt for the best gaming performance, though? Well, the best way to explain this is by giving the example of f games that require a great connection. If the game in question is old or even incredibly popular, then it might be difficult to play with stable connections.

There are also some other games out there that work with peer-to-peer connections. If this is the case with your game of choice, then you will find that internet connections are often glitchy. Now, these games may provide their own dedicated gaming servers too, but they aren’t a good option due to their cost.

2. More Customization and Control

If you opt for a dedicated gaming server, you will be able to utilize greater levels of control over your experience. There are also some games out there that allow you go ahead and modify the gameplay. Simply put – you will have control over the rules of the game or even how gamers play the game.

Dedicated gaming servers also allow players to control who can join. Adding and removing users will be easy and can be a valuable advantage when you wish for the server to be exclusive for your friends or teammates.

There may even be some cases where you can go ahead and install anti-cheating softwares to your dedicated gaming server. By doing so, you will have all the necessary security measures in place to stop gamers from manipulating coding to their advantage.

Here you can find an example of customizing Counterstrike 1.6 on your dedicated hosting server. 

3. A Decreased Level of Lag

Among the factors that can really hinder the gaming experience is lag. High lag rates are usually the result of slow internet connection or connections which feature users from different parts of the world.

Due to lag, the respective gamer will not only have a horrible gaming experience, but other participants will be affected too. Imagine if your team member is experiencing high rates of lag. This factor alone could cost you the match! It is quite common for teams that experience the lowest rates of lag to win more tournaments.

With your own dedicated gaming server, you will be able to reduce lag and all the problems it brings with it. Not only will you be able to improve your own gaming experience, but also that of all the other players on the server.

4. Greater Reliability

With dedicated servers, you will be promised greater levels of reliability as opposed to other types of servers. In the environment of other servers such as shared servers, you will be competing with the resources of so many other sites. In simple words, you may even find your server offline when you may need it the most.

In order to understand what reliability we are talking about, you should know the difference between shared hosting and dedicated IP plans.

Dedicated gaming servers are known to provide users with higher levels of uptime – which in some cases may even reach 100%. Ofcourse, there are times when the server needs maintenance, but apart from keeping your server updated, there will be no reason to ever go offline. Whenever you wish to play your choice of game, or host an epic match on a multiplayer game, you will finally be able to trust your server.

5. Run Your Server Right from Home

Technically, a dedicated gaming server is simply a computer that will be connected to the internet. Remote dedicated servers that are provided by hosting companies are only different because they have additional assortments of specialized server hardware. This hardware will be uniquely configured in order to run the required games.

 With the ideal dedicated gaming server right at home, you will be able to have ongoing security maintenance and an optimal gaming experience. Even if your server were to crash, you will have a complete support team to inspect and diagnose the issue. With all 5 of these benefits, hosting a server with a dedicated IP may be your best course of action