The Future Of Mobile Communications: Google Glass

Google Expects to Sell Google Glass by 2014

Google Expects to Sell Google Glass by 2014

The idea of smart glasses was once only found in the realm of science fiction.  Scientists and technology advocates could only dream of such things being created.  The world simply wasn’t ready for that type of development… yet.

Back in the beginning of 2012, there were many rumors of new gadgets that would soon hit the markets.  Google Glass was one of these rumors.  How awesome would it be to see the world through Google’s eyes?  Apparently, the world will have that opportunity in a few short months, and to a tune of less than $1500. Not too shabby, really.

This February, Google Glass went into a sort of beta. The first Google “explorers” were asked to apply by tweeting the hashtag #ifihadglass and give a 50 word description of what they would do with them. Some of the new “explorers” will be some power hitters on twitter such as Neil Patrick Harris, Alyssa Milano, William Gibson, Soulja Boy, and others.

But Google has compiled a list of explorers that also includes 26% users with less than 100 followers. So the average Joe will definitely have a piece of the action.

What is Google Glass?

It is a device that works as a camera, display, touchpad, battery, and microphone.  All of these cool things are built into the frames of a set of glasses.  It works as both a phone and a tablet and places these applications in your field of vision.

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No longer will you have to lug around a heavy laptop, oversized phone, or tablet to access your data or surf the Web.

You simply have to open your eyes and the possibilities are virtually endless.  It uses display technology to focus data into a small screen on the top right corner of the glass.  When you look into this small screen, it is as if you were looking at a “25-inch high definition screen from eight feet away” (Google Tech Specs).

Some Cool Features of Google Glass

Google Glass will allow you to take pictures or record film through your glasses.  This will allow you to take pictures and record videos easily and covertly.  It has features that will allow you to upload your pictures/videos to Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, etc.

You will also have access to Google Hangout and Google Maps, which allows you to keep up with your friends and find directions to wherever you want.

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There is also talk of a MyGlass application on your phone that will allow you to send and receive messages as well as receive calls.  All of this is possible through Google Glass’ voice recognition and voice to text software.  You will also be able to send and receive emails by talking to your headset.

Google reports that Google Glass will become a reality by the end of 2013 for the general public.  It would be a great, not to mention cool, gift to give during the holiday season.  It will revolutionize the way we go about communicating with each other.

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