Why WordPress is Better than other CMS?

Why wordpress is better than other CMS?
Why wordpress is better than other CMS?
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There are many CMS available in market to create a creative and attractive website for your business or individual purpose like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal etc. I am giving some of the valuable points about why WordPress is better than other CMS.

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  • WordPress is just a blogware.

Although the traditional thinking is that the WP is a blogging tool which is not as appropriate as other tools like Drupal. However this thought of the masses became outdated with the passing of time. The web design company have expertise team to develop your site with WP.

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With the release of the new WordPress versions, reasons to use the Drupal have reduced.

  • Site architecture of CMS

Drupal’s biggest weakness lies in its site architecture. Several Drupal’s projects have been failed just because of the Drupal’s architectural inflexibility on the other hand the WP architecture seems less sophisticated and haves more code duplication offering the perfect combination of flexibility and unlimited functionality.

  • WordPress don’t have backward compatibility

The WP maintains compatibility between its newest versions and the previous versions, to give more convenience to the bloggers. Other CMS on the other side will lack in this facility.

  • WordPress source code is easier to manage

This fact alone is very important in defining the role of WordPress in Blogging. WP has some Plugins which provides the end user’s the facility to create custom post types which Drupal holds just for custom content types.

  • WordPress designer’s can be easily available

The designer needs to be good at designing and also they should know that How to copy and paste the Template tags . Nowadays Google is the only solution to answer your questions related to e-commerce site design. You can contact web development company with the help of Google.

With WP website’s you have more chances to get the job done easily.

  • WordPress code can be debug easily

Developer can easily create a break point on theme’s template file and can debug from that particular point.

  • WordPress websites load much faster

The simple architecture of the WordPress websites provides it with a great advantage of faster loading .

  • More attractive themes

WordPress themes

WordPress developers have created more quality themes than other CMS which will load on the internet faster than as compared to another CMS.

WordPress developers offer commercial themes for the sale purpose.

  • Lesser expensive hosting

wordpress hosting

Those of you who are using WordPress just for the sake of great traffic on their website will notice that they can serve more number of pages with the same number of memory requirements and the servers.

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  • WordPress Help support is faster

Many queries in the other CMS goes unanswered whereas in the case of WordPress the queries will be answered by the developers in the prescribed period of time.

I hope that the above described points are enough to make you aware about the major differences between the WordPress and the other CMS. Now you own can decide why to choose WordPress over other CMS.

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  1. This is a very very helpful post !! I was in a dilemma as to should i consider some other platform .. am I missing something but then now the things are clear . Thanks buddy for sharing the information.

    1. WordPress is best for blogging and most important it is SEO optimized..

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