Tips for Telecommuting

Set a Schedule

Telecommuting is great. You don’t have your boss hovering over you and micromanaging every little thing you do, and you can work how you want to work. It’s not always easy to focus and actually be productive, however, which can lead to potential problems with your boss and company.

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Here are some thing that you can do that can help you improve your telecommuting experience:

Create a Workspace

When you go to work, there are some certain thing that get you into a routine. At home, the environment is a little different, and it might be hard to get into the same mental zone that you do, when you’re at the office. The night before you work at home, prepare a workspace that you can enjoy and focus in. This will help prepare your mind for the days work.

Be sure your workspace is clean, organized, and free of any distractions. Separate it from the other rooms in your home and assure it has all the things you need to get your work done. Try to limit reasons to leave your workspace. It’s easier to get distracted with chores or other needs of the home once you remove yourself from your workspace even for just a few moments other than the necessary lunch or bathroom break.

Set a Schedule

Set a ScheduleImage Credits European Parliament

When you’re working from home, it can be easy to get distracted. Before you start work, you might need to set a schedule and make the decision that you need to follow it. This will help keep you paced for the day, and it will help your mind focus on what needs to be done. You might be tempted to take some time off and enjoy your home, but sticking to the schedule is better for everyone.

Keep In Touch With Your Coworkers

No matter where you’re working, you should always have a way to keep in touch with your bosses and coworkers. This will help you get what needs to be done more effectively, and you’ll always stay in the know of what needs to be done. Exchange emails or instant messaging usernames, and things will work out much better than having everyone at the office all you, every five minutes. If you want, you could even try a new PDF converter to make your communication into a PDF, then send it to the office.

Avoid Multitasking

Multitasking and telecommuting don’t mix well. You stray from your work for what you think will be five minutes, but those five minutes turn into an hour, which can quickly turn into three or four hours. It’s a slippery slope, once you decide to multitask from your residence. Stick with some things that have worked at the office. Avoid multitasking and you’ll be well on your way to telecommuting glory.

Keep notes during meetings and check-ins with office mates and stick to tasks and to-do lists. This will ensure work is getting done in a timely manner and according to the expectations of co-workers and superiors.


One of the joys of working from home is that you’re not at the office. It’s ok to enjoy yourself, a little bit. Work in your pajamas, if you want. Enjoy yourself. That it a lot of what makes working at home so appealing to many people. Take five or ten minutes to eat something, play with the kids or just relax on your bed. Take frequent breaks throughout the day to wind down and really relish the opportunity to work from home.

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