Top 10 SEO Practices that Should be Followed in 2013

Top 10 SEO Practices that Should be Followed in 2013

Top 10 SEO Practices that Should be Followed in 2013

When it comes to optimizing your website for search engines in 2013, there are several different important tasks and practices you need to take advantage of. If you don’t, you are going to find the competition moves past you and your company.


Keywords are the words, individuals’ type into a search engine in order to find you and your site. Having specific keywords associated with your website is going to ensure that they are able to locate your content.

Back links

Back links are very important when it comes to SEO. Back links are links placed on another site that send traffic to your page. The more back links you have, the more important search engines see you. But remember; try to get quality back links which are actually related to your site. It’s no points getting a backlink from a health site where as yours might be technology. If the search engines get to know, the chances of your site being removed or spammed are very high.

Social Media

You need to take advantage of social media sites, such as Facebook and Twitter. These accounts not only add back links, but are able to reach your key demographic.


You might not think about it, but pictures are important to your website. Not only are you listed on the general search of a search engine, but you also are featured in the image search. This gives you additional coverage and makes it easier for you to find your page.

Don’t Over Stuff

Many websites have the problem of overstuffing they site content with keywords. You want to stay in a one to two percent radius of your keywords. If you increase the keywords further you might end up reducing your quality on search engines and actually reduce your ranking.

Submit to Search Engines

It takes time for search engines to find your page and crawl it for information. However, most search engines allow you to submit your site to them. This ensures the search engine finds your website sooner and gets you listed quicker.

Meta Tags

Meta tags aren’t as important as they once were, but with recent search engine configurations there is less weight placed onto these meta tags. However, it still has some effect on rankings, so make sure to include the meta tags on your site.


You need to communicate with your clients over social media. The more they interact with your website and pages, the more exposure you receive.

Stay Current

You need to stay current, which means upload new information often. If you don’t upload new material, you are going to end up losing clients and search engines are going to reduce your overall standings.

Timely Posts

You receive more exposure on social media sites by posting during the work week before or after standard work hours begin and end. This increases the number of individuals who are going to see your content.

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