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Hello Guys! Today I want to share a legit and innovative website for online money-making, Bubblews ! Earn money from writing creative and useful article on Bubblews. Here is the bubblews review.

Bubblews ebuzznet

About Bubblews

Bubblews.com was founded on I guess around December 2011 by Arvind Dixit CEO and Founder. The main idea of Bubblews is to share the income 50/50, which means you will be paid 50% of the total revenue generated by your post.

Members will be paid on the basis of Article views, likes/dislikes, comments and social shares. You will be paid 0.1$ for each view, likes/dislikes and comments. The minimum payout is 25$ and they pay you via widely used PayPal, check (only US), Visa gift card and you can tell them to buy something for you (I haven’t tried this). The best payout method is PayPal which is available almost everywhere.

Create an account

It is very easy to create an account there just click the below Tab and join with million other Bubblews members. I think they should send an email which states the rules and regulation of Bubblews to new members as soon as they register in the website.

Rules of Bubblews.com

In order to get the payment from Bubblews, the first thing you need to follow is there rules and regulations before posting any contents. You can see Bubblews rules from Bank tab after login to the website.

Most Important rules that are described on the website are as follows

  •  You are not allowed to post copy paste contents which means Bubblews will not allow plagiarism.
  •  Asking your friends to like or comment in your post is not allowed on Bubblews.
  •  Use of Traffic Exchange, Bots, Proxies, Virtual Private Network and other IP manipulation methods is not allowed in Bubblews.
  •  You are not allowed to post content which contains either only pictures or article less than 400 characters.
  •  Bubblews don’t allow pornographic or semi pornographic content.
  •  You need to post your entire article in English only or if you use your native language then you need to post its English translation.

If you want to get paid in regular basis, all you need to do is just follow their rules and earn their trust. What if you don’t follow these rules then I promised you will not be paid because they have very highly qualified team members and high quality security system to detect any rules violation. There are four moderators assigned from Bubblews team to monitor your account, if they find any violation they will flag your account.

Bubblews Payment Proof

I think many new members have the same question Is Bubblews Legit??

So here is the answer to this question, Bubblews payment proof. I have joined bubblews.com on 28 September 2012, and they paid me every time I redeemed.

  • ·         My recent payment from Bubblews.com

 bubblews payment proof

 The Answer is YES ! Bubblews is Legit 

Important Links to Follow after Joining Bubblews.com

Bubblews Review

Facebook Fan page– This is the only official Bubblews.com Facebook fan page, click here to visit the page and get the latest updates and information.


Facebook Group– There are two Facebook group which are not official as they don’t have any, Bubblews chat and Bubblews. Click on respective group to join them.

Bubblews Admin Account – This is the account of Bubblews admin in Bubblews.com, add it to your connection and receive latest alerts.

Twitter Profile– Follow Bubblews on twitter and get important alerts, click here to follow.

My Bubblews Profile– If you want you can add me in your connections in Bubblews.com, Click here.

Other Profiles –  Twitter Profile(unofficial), Website (unofficial see this for fun),other Fan Page on Facebook.

Important members Profile – These are some of the oldest and important members of Bubblews and they can help you to know more about this website Arvind, superman, Jim Morrison, Danielle McGaw and Joisü Dee Burgman.

 I hope you liked bubblews review, feel free to contact me know more and secrets to earn more.



43 thoughts on “Bubblews Review – eBuzznet

  1. thanks very informational, add me on bubblews “Isolation”

  2. Just curious do you have any information about the recent rash of non-payment I have read about on their site?

      1. It is not overcrowded. They simply want to cheat. I had bad experience with them for more than two months. I have had enough. The cheats also deleted my site.

    1. Actually, they are so behind that they refuse to answer messages. And when you complain, they delete your articles. Ask me how I know.

  3. can we promote bubblews articles on fb or fb page/group to get more traffic?

    1. yes you can…But only to your Facebook profile….I don’t know about groups..

  4. This is not legit,unfortunately i have already trying to redeem my earning and until now I never receive my earnings.

      1. Obviously, you’re not getting paid anymore too..You stop posting since June, 5th, 2013! Did you do it wrong?

        1. there was nothing wrong with my account, they said all my redemption goes to their security system.. they said they will check it..

  5. You should do an update post about this site, as you’ve stopped posting there for a while. There is at least 80% of the users are not getting paid and ignored..

    1. Every time you complained about not having paid, one of their cronies (shareholders) would post a comment saying that he or she had been paid many times!!! I counted over twenty different people pretended that they were paid. They need to do this so that the contributors would continue to post the articles.

  6. Bubblews is a cheat on the internet. You have to contribute your articles to find out.

  7. They set up websites and pretend to pay you for every click you do on their articles and also on every article you contribute. After contributing many articles and receiving no payment, you can file a complaint to them and they will remain silent all the time. When you put up the complaints openly on their site, their share holders will take turn to reply to each of the complaint. They will make it appears like you are the only one encountering this problem. They will appreciate their site profusely and convince the others that they have received their payments without any problems. One guy even pretended that he had received payments for twenty times.
    When I said there were shareholders who pretended that they received payments from http://www.bubblews.com, one crony from there pretended to say that he did not know http://www.bubblews.com was selling shares on the internet. This is a very cunning way of pretence. If ten of you group up and run a website, each of you is a shareholder. It is as simple as that.

  8. I got my first redemption but heard nothing fr the second and third??

    I dont know if i would still get paid for that.hopefully -_-

    1. They are cheats. they refused to pay me. i stopped sending them articles now. very greedy cheats

      1. They are confused…. I have made more than 2000$ from Bubblews.. Now i stopped since I have three pending redemptions

        1. If those assholes are confused they must at least answer our emails. They keep quiet for months. I am sure the trick is deliberate.

          Those assholes can sue me if they want. They are very greedy cheats.

  9. Some guy said he always received his pay. No doubt, since he is one of the cheats. Don’t the cheats have to share their dirty loot? After you robbed people, you share whatever loot available. This is their law.

  10. My experience with Bubblews has been fine. I have received payment, which is good.
    And no, I’m not a shareholder, but a member of Bubblews who has enjoyed writing for the fun of it.
    If you don’t like Bubblews, then quit. But they are truly a good company.

    Alea Din (NOT a shareholder)

    1. Who is there to confirm that you are not talking rubbish? I requested payments for over $60.00 and those assholes refused to reply. They simply keep quiet during the past 4 months. Every time a person complained about no payment, another cheat comes forward to say that she or he receives so many thousands of dollars during the past few months.
      Isn’t this their means of continuing to cheat the contributors?

      1. No need to get aggro Poh. Vishal is just stating he’s getting a good sizeable income from Bubblews.

        1. You must be one of those evil and extremely greedy cheats? They always appreciate each other so that the cheating can go on, until their dying days. I am very lucky because I don’t have to cheat to earn a living.

  11. Worst website ever- This website is a JOKE. The morons don’t have the courtesy to reply back. Even though they have clearly written that they will get back in 96 hours, they NEVER do.

    I opened an account with them and published an original, high quality article only to have my account removed without even getting a reason from them.

    I am sure they would have used my content and now they are not even replying back. Just think about it. The company that does not even have the courtesy to reply to the content contributors, will they even make your payment? The website is a poor joke.

  12. I had bad experience with Bubblews. I have three unpaid redemptions ($75). I tried to contact them but I haven’t heard any single word from them. They deleted three of my articles related to the anomalies in Bubblews. I thought their slogan is “speak Freely”, which definitely is not the case. They are a joke! Don’t join them.

    1. Those assholes also cheated me of about SD 100.00. Please don’t waste your time with them. Those who say they have been paid are their own cronies. It is a huge group of thugs working together.

    1. IT HAS been more than 9
      Months; the assholes have yet to pay me.DO not waste your time.

  13. bubblews.com is a SCAM and Arvind Dixit a CHEAP FRAUDSTER. Here is why:

    (1) They lure you with their fake staff and outsourced writers touting multiple payments.
    (2) Common public gets lured in they are paid only 25% of requests but 100% is used to pocket advertising revenue
    (3) if dissatisfied person writes email they feign ignorance and do not reply but if same person writes any bubbles they are quick to minutes to delete it.
    (4) Bubblews maintains no brick and mortar address;perhaps it shows different addresses from different cloud servers to mislead public
    (5) There is no details where Bubblews LLC is registered;its brick and mortar address.
    (6) Its sows a patent pending since 2011. No patent pends for 3 years plus as it does in the case of bubblews.com. What are the details on pending status of this patent.
    (7) Content published on bubblews.com is garbage like ‘what I ate’ ‘why my boyfriend is angry’ ‘what i did in a water park’ ‘that my computer is not working etc. It is of no value to any reader least of all to google for ranking.
    (8) Arvind dixit is hoodwinking advertsers their advertisements are shown alongside such ‘garbage’ content. Any visitor would spit at the ad if it comes alongside such bullshit content.
    (9) Those who are foxed into writing for free like unpaid donkeys become an angry group of customers they are likely to work against advertisers who use bubblews.com
    (h) bubblews.com and Arvind Dixit have repressive rules for running webiste-no questions asked why payment is not made why? Because that is where they CHEAT.Why there is no counter on each member’s page as to how much total he or she has been paid because they are paying fake posts written by inhouse staffers and outsourced guys and gals. If they reveal data on such frequent payments there would be mismatch between their earnings and payments.

    bubblews.com is a ponzy ,CHEAT & FRAUD website and if anyone has moral courage to defend I invite them to come over and participate in a full scale investigation of the website and Bubblews LLC and Arvind Dixit involving, FBI, IRS and Interpol.

    Come Arvind Dixit and staffers let us have some open sessions of interviews of a little different kind though.

    Check this another website where bubblews.com & Arvind Dixit have been fully exposed


    1. Well said. These assholes are the cunning cheats. I am one of those cheated by these greedy bastards.. Every point you mentioned in this post is true.

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