Top 4 Trends For Home Based Business In 2013

make money online

make money online

Whether you already own an online home based business or you are thinking of starting your own business from home, one of the most important steps to a successful business is to be aware of the latest trends. Because if you use outdated methods or strategies, not only will you miss out on a large profit potential that you could otherwise harness, but you may also learn some steps that end hurting your home based business in the long term.

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One common example could be when people use outdated SEO strategies hoping to achieve higher rankings – only to wind up getting penalized by Google and having their website entirely removed from the rankings. Therefore, it is wise to keep yourself informed about the latest home based business trends to maximize your success and profits.

Social Network Marketing Is Slowly Replacing Blogging and Email Marketing

While email marketing and blogging are still considered quite popular and effective, social networking is the new trend when it comes to circulating your message to your target market. People are generally too tired of spam emails and with so many blogs out there, few people have the time to check new posts consistently.

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This is where social networking comes into the picture. With a short and straightforward style, websites such as Twitter and Facebook make it possible for users to gain access to summarized content easily and in a friendlier format. So if you would like to keep in touch with your customers, you can apply this trend in 2013 and take advantage of social networking sites to spread out your leverage.

AdSense Has Grown Less Profitable than Ever Before

While many home based businesses used to rely on paid advertising income – such as Google AdSense – to earn money from their content websites, the online PPC advertising companies have shown an obvious decrease in their payouts to the website publishers during 2012 and now even more in 2013.

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So it might be a good time to look for another source of revenue for your website, other than AdSense and similar companies. You can consider affiliate marketing, selling your own products, or as you will read later in this article, mobile app marketing.

Niche Marketing Is the Key to Home Based Business Success

With hundreds of new websites created every day, 2013 is certainly the year of tough competition for many home based business owners. This is why many intelligent people are moving to niche marketing, where you target a specific group of people with a targeted interest – such as targeting “poodle training” instead of “dog training”. Focusing your home based business in a specialized niche gives you a competitive advantage to stick out above the crowd and have your own unique audience.

Mobile App Marketing Is the Next Big Trend

With thousands of new smartphones being sold every day worldwide, mobile app marketing is certainly the new hot trend in 2013 for home based businesses. With millions of smart phone users all around the world searching for interesting mobile apps to buy, developing and selling your own mobile apps for iOS and Android has turned into a very lucrative home based business model.

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You can either learn the programming skills to create your app on your own, use easy ready-made app development software available, or simply hire a professional to build your desired app. Depending on your time and budget; you can tap into this new profitable home based business trend in 2013 for higher profits.

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