Terrific Techniques for Facebook Advertising

Terrific Techniques for Facebook Advertising

Internet marketing provides lots of different ways for you to advertise your business. From optimizing your website for search engines to using pay per click advertising, there is a range of methods for different companies. One of the platform types that has become more and more important over the last decade or so is social media. From Twitter to Facebook, taking advantage of their advertising capabilities helps you reach a vast audience.

Terrific Techniques for Facebook Advertising

As well as running your social media pages, using Facebook ads or promoted tweets can help you attract new people. Facebook is an especially important platform for many businesses to use, with hundreds of millions of users worldwide. If you want to make the most of Facebook advertising, read this advice.

Choose the Right Type of Ad

When you advertise on Facebook, it’s not as simple as only having one type of advert to use. There are a number of different ads you can choose one, and not all of them will be appropriate for your business. For example, you can have more simple marketplace or domain ad, which appears in the right column of a Facebook page. This option looks like a Google Adwords text ad, with a title, a couple of lines of text and a thumbnail image. You can also create a promoted page post, by promoting a post on your page or profile. It will come up in people’s timelines. There’s also the multi-product ad, which will scroll through several products. You can use page post ads and sponsored stories or search results. Choosing the right ad type is crucial.

Creating an Ad

Once you’ve decided which ad or ads are the right type for your business, you need to create them. It may be tempting to put in some random words and images to test it out, but it will be more valuable to take your time. At this stage, you might want to get a marketing company such as http://www.seoagency.com.sg involved. When you create your first ad, you’ll be able to set up goals for it, including better engagement or promoting an event. The images you use are essential because people will see them before reading the text. You can select a Shutterstock image, create a new one or use a picture you’ve already uploaded to Facebook. When you write the ad copy, be clear and concise, thinking about your keywords.

Getting the Right Target Audience

Facebook allows you to target an audience based on location, age, gender and languages. You can also set your ad to reach people based on their interests and behavior, as well as their connections. There’s also a custom audience feature, which allows you to upload a list of contacts you already know you want to target. Before you create any Facebook ads, you need to know your audience. It’s likely you already do from other advertising channels. But you may need to do extra research on things like interests and behaviors.

Advertising on Facebook has both similarities and differences to using other methods. It’s essential that you get to know what makes this advertising channel unique.