How To Find & Hire The Very Best Talent For Your Creative Business

The creative industry is unique when it comes to hiring and employment. Why? Because it’s all about sheer raw talent. In some industries, it takes decades to become the best in the business. You need to slowly build contacts and learn the ropes. In many industries, experience is the single most important factor for recruitment. In the creative industry, however, the best can rise to the top fast. That makes it a little trickier to hire the best. You need to hunt them out, and convince them to work with you. Get it right, and it will be the key to your business success. Here’s how you can find the best employees in the creative world.

How To Find & Hire The Very Best Talent For Your Creative BusinessImage credit


In the creative industry, talent doesn’t stay hidden for very long. The best work quickly spreads across the internet like wildfire. Their name is on the lips of every account manager and executive. If you immerse yourself into the industry, it’s easy to find the best quickly. Make sure you’re connecting with the leaders of your field both online and offline. Attend networking events, trade shows, galleries, and openings. Follow the latest blogs, and connect with the tastemakers in your industry. Talent has a habit of rising to the top, and you’ll soon hunt down the best.

Recruitment agencies

Agencies have always played a big part in effective recruitment. The creative industry is no different. In fact, there are plenty of companies that specialise in this niche specifically. There are creative printing recruitment agencies, web design specialists, and copywriting agencies. Search for the very best recruitment companies, and the creative talent won’t be far behind. They know how to headhunt the best.

Look for raw talent and passion

As we explained earlier, the creative industry is all about raw talent. You can quickly teach all the extras and intricacies of business. But, raw talent won’t stay hidden for long. Once you’ve got a shortlist of employees, schedule interviews with the standout candidates. You’re looking for sheer passion and drive here. You’re looking for employees that will take your business forward, and hunt out new opportunities. If you need a good copywriter, look for a flair with words. If you need a web designer, look for natural sketching ability, and a keen eye for space and shape.

Check references and experience

Having said this, experience and history is still important. Even the creative industries revolve around a set business structure. To operate in this industry, you need someone who understands the pressures. Look for someone who has experience with deadlines. Look for people who know how to interact with clients, work to a brief, and deliver amendments in a professional manner. Speak to as many references as necessary too.

Treat them well

When you finally find a diamond in the rough, do everything you can to hold onto them. If you’ve found that raw spark of talent, you can mould them into an industry-leading professional. Start by paying them a respectable salary, and make sure their contribution is appreciated. But, most of all, give them room to explore and grow within the industry. Creative individuals need freedom to work. Make sure you give it to them.

Follow this advice, and you’ll find the very best creative talent out there. Good luck!