Join #Markerly to Make a Mark in the Blogging Network

Join Markerly to Make a Mark in the Blogging Network

You are a passionate writer, but you feel that it would have been great if you could have received a compensation for that. How many of us can actually turn our passion into a profession? If we could have done that then our life would have been simply much better than what it is now.

Join Markerly to Make a Mark in the Blogging NetworkLess stress in our professional life, balancing work and home with equal zeal, life would be perfect. But not everybody can do that. Now if you love to write, then you can turn it into profession too, and it can be well paid. Markerly has made it possible! Once your post goes live you will get your payment within 48 hours therefore you don’t have to run for your money as is the case with many sites.

Markerly’s Blogging Network

So, why do you think that Markerly is making a mark even without any such marketing strategy? There are some unique features of Markerly, the best blogging network at present that differentiates it from others and within no time it has 600,000 visitors who are actively sharing and as many as 1300 publishers using them. With these figures you can understand that if they are saying that they are the future of blogging then actually mean it.

Join MarkerlyHere are some features of Markerly which will help you understand why it is gaining so much popularity:

  • The interesting thing about this blogging network is that it enables you to share a particular quote from the blog or maybe a small informative paragraph by selecting that portion. When you select the portion you want to automatically share a box will appear and there you will get the icons of other social media like Facebook, Twitter or sharing through email or LinkedIn and Google plus. Now with Markerly sharing has been so simple and fun too.
  • If you are only interested in counting how many articles of yours are shared then this will be the best way to do it. Here you won’t have to take the headache of initiating the sharing of your article.
  • You are provided with round the clock support so that if any blogger has any query then it can be solved then and there so that the blogger doesn’t face any downtime.
  • The exciting part being that Markerly will let you know what part of your sponsored content was shared the most with heat maps so that you can figure out what amaze visitors most.

Making its Own Name in the Crowd

They have set their standards high by posting only quality blogs and once you are there on their site, you will see that the contents are quite unique. The writing styles are different in each blog and when you start going through a blog post you cannot just leave it half read because the contents are so intriguing that you will feel the urge to complete it in one go. The credit goes to Markerly for providing its viewers with such a wide array of contents.

Brand Names Involved with Markerly

You will be impressed with the brands that are associated with Markerly. It starts with Levi’s, Super Bowl, Jaybird Sport, Invino Wine Club, eMeals, etc. You will be provided with free products so that you can taste them or test them and write review genuinely.

The reviews of these brands that are published are genuine and people are writing these reviews from their own experience. If you are reviewing a product like earbuds, then Jaybird will be providing you with their trendy earbuds so that you can experience it first and then write a review about what you felt.

Who can Join!

Anybody with a page view of over 10,000 views per month or who receives a minimum of 3 comments on every post they make. So, who basically has some loyal followers can join Markerly and they will take you to the next level even before you could have imagined.

Uniqueness of Markerly

Join Markerly to Make a Mark in the Blogging worldMarkerly is not just any blogging network, but it is a platform where influence marketing gets a new definition. They have taken it to the next level and their journey has just started so you can only take a rough guess about where they will be taking the blogging experience too.

Creating awareness about the products of different brands and making their customers relate to the brands even more is what Markerly has expertise in.

Customize to Make it Your Own

If you do not like something then you can customize it as per your choice. You can customize the color of the widget or you can select the social media sites where you want your articles to be shared. You will get some more information about Markerly here.

Helping the Business Grows Strength to Strength

While the business is busy expanding Markerly takes up the tedious job of making the business grow online too with rich content. It will be hard for people from the business to concentrate on both the aspect and work efficiently therefore Markerly asked them to concentrate on what they do the best that is business and Markerly concentrates on what they are best at that is establishing the business online. Markerly have freelancers for different blogs and they produce quality contents and help the brands grow.

Content is the biggest asset of Online Marketing.

When you are creating awareness for your brand then timely publishing of your content is very important. You must be available with new and informative content at a regular basis so that the viewers are staying connected with you through your contents.

Quality blogging is important for every sector of business, be it hotel, beverage, fashion or clothing brand. If you want to turn your visitors into customers then it is important that you provide them with quality content regarding your business. Irrelevant topics won’t do you any help instead it will hamper your reputation and goodwill in the market. It is also important that you know your viewers first and make sure you deliver them with contents that they want to read instead of forcing them to read something they don’t like.

But when you have Markerly by your side you don’t need to worry about anything. You can sign up here and enjoy all the benefits.