Link Building in 2015: What’s Hot and What’s Not

Link Building in 2015: What's Hot and What's Not

Link building used to be relatively commonplace. But, now everyone in SEO seems to fear the link. Ever since Google launched the Penguin algorithm, people have got into a tizzy about the state of links. Are links dead? Can they be used? Should you throw all of your links away and never look at them again?

In short, no.

Google won’t unleash the Penguin if you have links. After all, links are the backbone of the internet. You need to ensure that you are using links and link building methods. But, you need to ensure that you are doing so in the right way.

Confused? Thought as much.

Making Sense of Link Building

Link Building in 2015: What's Hot and What's NotThe key to link building is to ensure that you are getting authority sites to link back to yours. So, if the Huffpost link back to your site that can have some serious impact on your SERPs. But, if you are linking in forums and comment sections back to your site (and yes, we’ve all seen it and it makes us weep) you are probably going to be penalised for that. And rightly so.

When it comes to link building, less is most more.

You need to think about how you can create links in a non-spammy way. Natural linking is fine. You need to think about how the link will serve to benefit the reader. After all, linking in content, back to your site is okay. But, think about the content that you produce. You can create incredible content that sits within a blogger outreach facility and not be classed as spam. You need to make sure that you have natural links that serve to benefit the viewer or the reader. But, cramming your text or content with lots of links that make no sense is not going to bode well.

In short, quality content with natural links is essential. Non-sponsored links is a great way to make sure that you are ranking high too.

When it comes to best practice, make sure that you are using natural links sparingly. Make sure that the link is relevant for the reader and that your content is fantastic and engaging .that way, you won’t have to feel the wrath of the Penguin.

Penalties, Outsourcing and Upping Your Game

If you have had a Google Penguin penalty because of unorthodox link building, you need to ensure that you are remedying the problem. Many people ask the question “should I outsource SEO?” The answer is, it depends on what you want to achieve. If you want to rid your site of unsavoury links and get a good feel for how proper link building is done, an agency could be your best bet while you learn your new SEO game.

Why, Google, Why?

Google, despite what it claims, is only penalizing sites that use this kind of linking system because SEO threatens AdWords. Shock, horror, Google wants to protect its interests. But, you still need to play into the hands of Google so that you can see your site and business soar. You need to ensure that you are focusing on quality and content as part of your strategy. Building authority is critical. And, you don’t’ have to worry about Google getting all up in your grill.