HostGator Black Friday and Cyber Monday Hosting Sale 2013


HostGator is one of the most reputed companies to host millions of domains. It’s famous for its 24*7 customer supports and reliability. HostGator is also famous for giving huge discounts to host domain.


With HostGator you can host unlimited domains; you will get huge bandwidth and disk space to host unlimited domains. We all know Black Friday and Cyber Monday are heading up and HostGator is giving huge discounts to purchase their hosting.

Why HostGator on Black Friday?

Since, HostGator is the most reliable web hosting company and well known for its best customer support. HostGator is throwing huge discounts on purchasing hosting for your domains on this Black Friday. HostGator has invited many users to purchase their hosting on Black Friday and they call this deal as HostGator Black Friday Sales and they are giving huge discounts of almost 75% discount on purchasing hosting from HostGator on this Black Friday.

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If you are really interested to buy the HostGator service on hosting then on Black Friday you can purchase hosting from HostGator in 75% discount. Remember, you are not paying in dollars for hosting which you usually do you can get hosting service in cents only.

For newbie, HostGator is the most reputed brands in hosting field and it’s famous for its strong customer support, hosting unlimited domains, and many users’ services. So, don’t think that it’s a promotional activity from HostGator to purchase their hosting they are giving the deals for almost free on this Black Friday.

There are many plans of HostGator on this Black Friday:

1. Hatchling plan

This plan is the cheapest plan from HostGator, through this plan you can host single domain, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, and shared SSL certificate. If your budget is low then you can avail this plain in 20% discount on this Black Friday from HostGator.

2. Baby Plan

Baby plan is another plan from HostGator where you can host unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, shared SSL certificate, and easy cPanel.

3. Business plan

Business plan is the premium plan offered by the HostGator where you can host unlimited domains, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, private IP & SSL certificate, and toll free number.

What are the plans offered by HostGator on this Black Friday?

HostGator is offering 75% discount on all the new hosting packages and $1.95 domains. This sale will run for an hour which is 12:00 AM on 29th November, 2013. After this 1 hour HostGator will give 60% discounts which is still a lowest price to buy hosting.

What are the times for flash sales?

Timings for flash sale which is 75% discount on all the new hosting packages and $1.95 domains are given below. Timings are in Central time:

  • Friday 12AM-1AM
  • Friday 9AM-11AM
  • Friday 9PM-11PM
  • Saturday 12PM-1PM
  • Sunday 8PM-9PM
  • Monday 12AM-1AM
  • Monday 10AM-12AM
  • Monday 10PM-11:59PM

When is Black Friday?

Black Friday is arriving on 29th of November, 2013, which means you will have 24 hours of time to buy the HostGator service from the HostGator Black Friday sales. This deal will run all the weekend.

Final words: Why to choose HostGator on this Black Friday?

Choosing hosting is very much heavy task for the bloggers but HostGator is so far the unbeaten king of the hosting company. With HostGator, you will get99.99% up time guarantee, 45 days money back guarantee, and 24*7 customer supports. After all the details on HostGator I guess you will not be confused in choosing the best web hosting company on this Black Friday.