Microsoft’s Great Leap Forward with Windows Phone

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Microsoft has traditionally been at the forefront of all things computerized, especially when it comes to the home PC and office environments. However, since Blackberry and Apple started making advancements in the field of mobile phones much of the computing that used to be done on Windows computers has fallen to other operating systems and devices such as the iPhone and their IOS and the litany of devices which feature an Android operating system.


Indeed, most people simply use their computer to browse the web and so a full-fledged computer may not be required of the average consumer which has led to a transition of great numbers of people to using their smartphone for most of their internet usage. This has begun to leave a hole in Microsoft’s consumer base as less and less people are buying new computers and new versions of windows. That is until the release of Windows Mobile 7 which catapulted Microsoft into the mobile phone game with force.

Microsoft’s Mobile Evolution

With the release of Windows Mobile 7, Microsoft was able to make a very big slash in the industry and revolutionized many aspects of the field. While the newest release of Window’s Mobile platform may not be as revolutionary or innovative as the previous release of the operating system, the HTC Windows Mobile 8x definitely features an OS that is both eye catching and progressive.

Housed inside of a lightweight polycarbonate case rests a powerful miniature computer, powered by a 1.5Ghz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and outfitted with 1GB of RAM the HTC 8x provides an extremely capable platform for the user to capitalize on.

HTC Windows Phone 8x features

With the new release of Windows Mobile 8 and the ever familiar collaboration of HTC and Microsoft there is much to look forward to in the way of mobile computing. Windows Mobile 8 seems to be a promising progression in the development of a mobile version of Windows that can dominate the field just as Microsoft has dominated the area of personal computers for the last several decades.

There is a lot of ground to clear if HTC and Windows hope to directly compete with Apple and Android operating systems, but the increased number of apps, advanced networking capability and overall design if the 8x make for an interesting possibility of HTC eventually topping the smartphone market.

The Advantages of Greater Computing Power

Windows has already cemented itself in the minds of the technologically versed and equally among those who are more “electronically challenged” as one of the simplest and easiest to use operating systems in the world. Coupled with the advancements in the processor that have been made and the greater memory that the phone features along with the user friendly Windows platform, the HTC Windows Phone 8x Blue could potentially be one of the most user friendly and useful smart phones that we have yet seen. At prices as low as £380 this high tech smartphone truly makes for a great bargain, and is seriously worth considering.

As a writer for uSwitch, Laura Ginn is always on the lookout for a great deal when it comes to advances in technology. Here she introduces readers to the HTC Windows Phone 8X Blue.