What Kind of Metrics Matter for SEO and Social Media?

What Kind of Metrics Matter for SEO and Social Media

Reviewing the metrics each month regarding your SEO efforts and social media pages can give you great insight on exactly what is happening and what needs to be worked on. There are all types of metrics that will give you details of all aspects, but if you are like most people, you will only have enough time to review the ones that matter.

What Kind of Metrics Matter for SEO and Social Media

So let’s make sure you are reviewing the most important metrics each month by going over them.

Search Engine Optimization Metrics

The first metric you should always make sure and review is the percentage of traffic that has been generated to your site through search engines. You will be able to review which search engines are most effective, if they are increasing or decreasing traffic, and will also better help you understand what search engines you need to focus on. If you notice that your traffic has dropped significantly from Google, then that tells you something went wrong and you are able to fix it as soon as possible.

Next, you should be checking which keywords and phrases are bringing in your traffic. Reviewing this information is highly important because not only will it let you know which ones are successful, but it will also give you insight on new trends and ways your target demographic is searching for your products or services. Keyword research is a major aspect of SEO and reviewing those metrics is just as important as the research itself.

Your link profile is another metric you will need to review on a monthly basis. Number of back links, new domains that are linked, and links that have gone bad or been removed. Building a quality link profile helps increase traffic to your site by a significant amount and also helps increase your rank so keeping an eye on it should be a high priority. If you have a link building campaign, then checking this each month will also let you verify how effective it is.

Website speed is also an important SEO metric that you shouldn’t be taking for granted. Getting your website a good hosting provider will help increase its speed and bring more traffic to it.

These are the major SEO metrics that should be reviewed each month but there are plenty of others that are also important, so if you need more information about how well your SEO efforts are doing, don’t hesitate to continue reading into the data.

Social Media Metrics

Channel Reports are usually the first reports that are viewed each month because it lets you know exactly how many visitors came to your site through each social media site. This helps you gauge which social media site is more effective for you and which one you might need to work on harder. With all of the different social media sites that are available now, you might even decide to stop using a few if they haven’t been effective.

ROI data is going to be your next most important metric to review. This will let you know how many people actually turned into customers that came from social media sites versus the amount of money that you spent marketing on those sites. If you find yourself spending the majority of your budget on a site that isn’t as effective as another, then you could probably make much more money by allocating your budget to the more effective site. What you do with your budget is up to you, you can also use it on other aspects of your site, but you really need to know your ROI data, so never skip this metric.

Response rates to customers is another major metric to review because social media sites are places that people go to interact with your business, so if they are not receiving responses, they won’t be too happy. You have to make sure you have high response rates to your customers to ensure they are having any questions they might have answered. Statistics show that majority of people prefer to contact businesses through social media than by telephone because of the convenience so don’t underestimate this metric.

You can find metrics that will go over all aspects of your social media campaigns and profiles, but these three metrics will get you headed in the right direction. With social media becoming more and more popular, don’t fall behind by not going over your metrics each month.