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Benefits of Search Engine Optimization

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There are many ways for internet-based businesses to go about getting traffic to their websites these days, but one way in particular has stood the test of time and proven itself to be an excellent long term companion to any business owner. SEO is considered one of the most important ways of getting traffic. By nature it tends to be highly relevant traffic that is much more likely to engage with your website, and for the most part it is free traffic.

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You really can’t beat it, but it does take some work and some understanding to properly implement SEO into your websites and start bringing in natural traffic. By doing things right the first time around, you will save yourself a lot of potential headaches down the road.


The search engines are very strict about their ranking systems, and they have very specific guidelines that they urge website owners to follow if they wish to have SEO work in their favor. This article is going to share with you the top 10 SEO Ideas that you need to start raking in that highly targeted natural traffic.

1. Engage in social media.

Believe it or not, social media does much more than provide you with a direct bridge to your audience and help you to build your brand. Social media allows you to network properly, which is a very significant factor involved in the process of carving out your position in a market, gaining viewer-ship, and ultimately attracting the attention of the search engines.

2. Take advantage of local SEO.

You can utilize certain business directories such as Google and Yahoo local, creating a profile for your business that people will see when searching for specific local related keywords. Most people these days search for local things, so you should take advantage of that.

3. Your onsite SEO needs to be pretty solid.


Make sure that you meet all of the typical onsite SEO guidelines. Have relevant keywords in your meta tags and titles, and ensure that there is enough keyword density on your pages to give the search engines a solid idea of what your content is about.

4. The wonders of Blogging.

Like social media, blogging offers you a personal medium through which you can connect to customers and clients and further improve your brand. To make things even better though, search engines tend to really like blogs, and so if you have a relevant blog that you can link up with your website, you will certainly get a lot of SEO credit for it.

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5. Make sure to update on a regular basis.

Google wants to see websites that are constantly updating their content and keeping things at a premium level for their viewers.

6. Add some videos and alternative media to your site.

Videos can add a lot of interactivity to a website, and really serve to grab the visitor’s attention. It can also help to separate you from your competitors. Ultimately, people will stay longer. Search engines like this.

7. Do some press releases.

Press releases can help you get your name and message out there, and they serve to bring more targeted attention to your central website.

8. Setup a PPC campaign.

Google in particular likes when PPC is used in a relevant manner to promote a website. SEO and PPC tend to go hand in hand, and aside from the extra traffic that paid advertising will bring you, you’ll also build up your brand some more.

9. Use alternative forms of advertising, like Craigslist.

A great cheap way to get a little extra attention is by using sites like Craigslist. If you optimize your ads properly, they can get good attention from the search engines. Be sure to promote your website when writing your articles.

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10. Consider finding a company that specializes in SEO for consulting purposes.

While it is totally plausible to do all of your SEO work on your own, it certainly doesn’t hurt to get a professional opinion from an expert in the subject. You could even distribute the work load a little bit if you decided to go that route, making the optimization process that much more efficient and quicker.

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  2. how fare would it be to pay for getting social media attention ? if you could please help ? Say FB likes for a post or page !!

    1. Facebook Page likes for for around 5$ will fetch you some visitor for your blog/website,
      also most of the companies use paid SEO and adverts..

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  4. Awesome SEO Tips! I am already doing most of them but there are one or two items that I should start implementing.

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  5. All good tips here. The last one really doesn’t apply to most bloggers though since they have much fewer resources to spend overall.

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