Google Unplugged

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There is hardly anyone on this planet who has not heard of this magnificent search engine of all times. Google is the mother of information on the internet. There is literally nothing that is not in the collection of this search engine giant. Today, Google is the most widely used search engine.

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The incredible features of this web based search engine make it the first thing that we learn about the internet.

History of Google

The history is Google is as interesting as the search engine itself. Google came to existence as a result of a research project which was undertaken by two PhD students of the Stanford University in March, 2006. These brilliant students were Sergey Brin as well as Larry Page. This project was carried out as a part of their term of working under the Stanford Digital Library Project.

The developer’s initial aim was to build an integrated and single digital library for people across the world. They wanted this digital library to be in reach of each and every individual in the world. Since it was a huge project and needed high funding, there were many agencies who contributed in its funding along with the National Science Foundation.

People Behind its Success

Initially, it was Larry Page who was handling the whole project under the guidance of his supervisor on the project Terry Winograd. This is the reason why Larry considers meeting him as the best thing that has ever happened to him. The Google Research Project was basically started with the name Backrub. Primarily, this project was focussed on the use of links in order to determine the relevance of every webpage present on the internet.

The Backrub is written in both Python as well as Java programming languages. Also, it was run on Linux and many other platforms such as Intel Pentiums and Sun Ultras. In their exploration, both Larry and Sergey came to the conclusion that web pages with the maximum number of links were more relevant pages as compared to all others present on the internet. In order to be sure about this and to test the relevance of their theory, they laid foundation to this amazing search engine that we use today.

Due to their constant efforts on the Backrub, by the first half of the year 1997, the statistics of Backrub webpage were:

  • Total downloaded content: 207.022 gigabytes
  • Total HTML urls that were index able:  75.2306 million

Backrub got the name Google as a result of a misspelling when Googol was accidentally written as Google. The word Googol means the number when 1 is followed by a hundred zeros.

Some Crucial Statistics

Google has grown many folds since its introduction to people across the world. Be there any query or problem, it is the first thing that people refer to on the internet. The best part is that it holds a solution to almost every crisis as well.

  • Studies show that around 15 million websites are connected with Google today.
  • There are approximately 425 million people in the world who use Google on a daily basis.
  • From 9800 average searches per day in the year 2008, Google has managed to acquire 5,134,000,000 average searches per day until last year.

Google is undoubtedly the best of all the search engines on the internet.