The Best Way To Take Advantage Of Technology When Moving House

The Best Way To Take Advantage Of Technology When Moving House

Moving home is in no doubt one of the most stressful experiences that anyone can endure in a lifetime, which is why the average person chooses to move every 18.2 years. The emotional toll that comes with moving along with the amount of preparation involved can be mentally draining, which can discourage the whole entire moving experience. However, in the past decade, technology advancement has really made an impact on the way we interact, how we find interstate removalists as well as help assist how we go about the moving process.  Let’s have a look at how we can utilize technology when moving home.

The Best Way To Take Advantage Of Technology When Moving House

Compare Removalist Companies

There are so many moving companies that exist today, so how do you go about choosing one? You could do it the traditional way and call up two or three moving companies and request for an estimate by repeating your inventory list or you can use comparison websites to compare removalists. Get several professional moving companies to provide an estimate in real time and choose one that suits your needs.

Research Removal Companies

The development of social media has changed how we communicate and interact, to gather suggestions or opinions on a moving company can be as simple as asking the question via social media apps. Doing research can be as simple as seeing what previous customers have to say about their moving experience with a particular company.

GPS Technology

We’ve all heard stories about moving companies picking up furniture and delivering late or not at all. With advancement in GPS tracker technology, we are able to track where our furniture is 24 hours a day in real time. The list of activities recorded by a GPS tracker is extensive, allowing for alerts when the vehicle is out of a specific geographic boundary as well as recording vehicle and driver activities. GPS tracking has become increasingly affordable, by having one hidden amongst your furniture to me moved; you can ensure your belongings are going where they need to go.

Moving Boxes with Barcodes

Moving house is frustrating enough; the only thing more frustrating is not being able to find items you need amongst the mountain of identical moving boxes. Fortunately we are now able to use technology and specifically software that allows us to enter an inventory of each box you pack and the iPhone app known as Moving Day will create a barcode unique for the box. Once your belongings have been moved to your new home, it’s just a matter of simply scanning each box’s barcode to reveal its content.

The reality is moving can be stressful, time consuming as well as difficult to organize, however technology has come a long way and can help us improve on processes and the way we do things. The next time you move, consider using some technology to ease the stress and reduce moving anxiety.