Why I Chose Cloud Hosted PBX for My Small Business


Nobody said that being a business owner was going to be easy. And if you don’t believe it, ask me. It was my goal. My dream. I became my own boss (Yay me!). However, when you are the head of a company, even a small one, things can become very overwhelming, very fast. And it wasn’t about the “business” of it. No. It was about everything else.


According to recent statistics from Score.org, only seven out of ten new small businesses survive at least two years, and about half of those survive the first five years. These numbers proved to be extremely eye-opening and also terrifying, so much that I decided that I had to find new ways to keep afloat what I worked so hard to achieve.

Then, I found that implementing innovative technology in my small business could give me the competitive advantage I needed. Although I had an office that used traditional phones and PBX (Private Branch Exchange); I read about Cloud technology and how it could help me. So I went and bought my company a reliable cloud hosted PBX.

In case you are wondering, a hosted PBX is a system, managed by a service provider, which uses your own internet connection to make and receive phone calls. Why is this good? Because it helps you slash your phone bills up to 50%. Isn’t that something?

Why I Decided To Invest In Cloud Hosted PBX:

  • Saved Me Money: a hosted PBX is a lot cheaper than a traditional in-house system. There’s no need to buy any additional hardware or equipment. I found substantial savings in the first month alone!
  • Offers Advanced Features: since hosted PBX is a VoIP technology, it offers a ton of features like voicemail, find me/follow me, call forwarding, ring groups, among others that improved productivity in my staff.
  • Accessibility: cloud hosted PBX can be accessed from anywhere around the world, which made it perfect for my small business because I’m constantly traveling. All of my employees can answer phone calls in and out of the office, always staying connected to the customer.
  • Grows with the Business: a cloud hosted PBX system is scalable, meaning it will grow with any business whenever needed. It’s extremely easy to add new lines and features. I had the certainty that as my business would flourish and thrive, so would my PBX system.
  • No Maintenance or Support needed: hosted PBX eliminates the need – and costs – of training IT staff to maintain it.
  • Security: cloud hosted PBX is an extremely secure technology because it is entirely hosted in the cloud, making it reliable and secure.

Cloud Hosted PBX was the long-lasting communication solution that I needed for my small business because all of its amazing advantages and savings. Not only did it save me time, allowed me to stay in touch with my employees from anywhere, saved me a ton on my phone bill every month, but it also took off my back the stress of having to maintain my traditional PBX.