What Does it Cost to transport a Car?

In the modern world we live in today, there are many reasons why someone would require moving a car from one location to another. Perhaps, a new job offer in another town, a new car that was purchased online or interstate, motoring shows in different parts of the country or simply a family sea change to a new home; these are all valid reasons however the need to transport a vehicle is not something we require every day. So when the time comes to obtain the services of a car carrier, what does it actually cost?

What Does it Cost to transport a Car?

The cost of transporting a car or any other vehicle is not an arbitrary number but instead carefully calculated by car carrying companies based on a number of variable factors and using comparison websites to compare car transport quotes has its advantages. Due to the nature of the business, prices can fluctuate on a weekly basis or even daily in some instances. The cost of transporting your car interstate can differ to what it costs your neighbour to transport their car to the same location a week later. This is simply because the cost to ship a car not only depends on how far it’s going but also the type of vehicle, price of fuel at the time, car carrier requirements, pick up and delivery needs and more.

Distance the Vehicle is Transported

Of course the distance is a major contributing factor towards the overall cost of car transport. A car being transported within the same state is not going to cost as much as a car being transported interstate. It is safe to assume the further a car carrier needs to travel to transport a vehicle, the higher the car transport cost will be.

Type of Vehicle to be Transported

There are a variety of vehicles on our roads and the type of vehicle to be relocated can influence the cost of transport. Trucks, caravans, motor homes and four wheel drives are more expensive to transport due to their size and weight compared to standard sedans and smaller cars. Prestige, luxury sports, vintage and classics are highly valuable and often of great importance to the owner, therefore may cost more to transport because more attention is required.

Cost of Fuel

For any car carrying business, the cost of fuel is a variable expense in which they do not have any control over. A big part of any transport business involves trucks filling up with fuel ready to hit the road and they are at the mercy of fuel price fluctuations which is passed onto customers.

Opting for Open or Enclosed Car Carriers

Another contributing factor that determines the cost of moving a car is whether an open or enclosed car carrier is required. This depends on personal preference and the type of protection required for the vehicle being transported. An enclosed car carrier is more expensive, however provides more protection against wind and airborne elements during transportation whilst an open carrier is the more economical choice.

Pick up and Delivery options

Most car transporters will offer several options for pick up and delivery.  Door to door services is the more expensive choice compared to the option of depot to depot.  The convenience of having your car picked up and dropped off can provide less hassle but adds to the overall costs involved in car relocation. Depot to depot on the other hand is a less expensive alternative however a depot may not be in a convenient location for you.

Moving can get expensive and relocating a car is no different, although there are many business out there capable of transporting a car from one location to another, not all of them will live up to your expectations. Understanding the costs involved for transportation can provide a positive guide towards finding your next vehicle transporter.