Wooservers: Leading in Web Hosting Solutions.

Wooservers actually provide the best of  dedicated web server solutions which are not only robust but also affordable for many as well as reliable. It is one of the server solutions which is constantly monitored. The quality of service that it provides is certainly going to put Wooservers among the top positions of the most desired server solution list of any webmaster, who is very attentive to accuracy or detail and is indeed quite fastidious. Wooservers services are for anyone whether it’s for maintaining any small website or in the case of a huge and a popular internet site which provides a directory of links to all other concerned sites.


The most important aspect of the Wooservers network is that it is quick and fast enough to let the services being provided to you run smoothly. In the worst cases if at all there is any major fault or any component of the network fails you can be rest assured that your server will be available throughout the moment without any disturbance. In many cases Wooservers have proved to be the most beneficial and an excellent investment for the company. The service that they provide is simply the best and the control panel of Wooservers is known to be quite simple and of course very easy to use.

The server packages of Wooservers are made up of Intel inside processors which actually facilitates the reliability and the robustness of their services. Let it be any day of the week, the engineers at Wooservers are always at your proper service and who would clearly enable your company to manage all the very details of your clients effectively. You can simply look forward to have an enriching experience of your very own business’s online presence running without any hiccups.

Features of Wooservers

As already been mentioned the services of Wooservers are for complete 365 days of the year, the customer support of Wooservers is excellent and they will available to you every second of everyday of the year. Apart from that the Wooservers would be providing you with the most affordable packages for hosting or serving your services and products.

The best feature of Wooservers come from the fact that they have a dedicated Data Center for your services where there is constant monitoring of any external or internal server systems. There is a particular Monitoring Software for checking the network servers for every five minutes for every single feature and every uptime. In case there is any problem the staffs will be alerted via any methods of alarms paging or email.

Some of the other mentionable features of Wooservers are:

  • They provide unlimited hosting of any domain or any sub domain.
  • They provide unlimited email accounts.
  • They provide effective DNS Management service.
  • They will provide you with an effective Spam Protection facility.
  • They have a feature called Fantastico which is actually 1 click support for popular scripts.
  • They have the best of technical support of 24/7 to provide you with.

The network uptime including the simple and easy to use server management application makes it very easy for your organization to manage the specific websites that you are hosting which is at the same time very cost effective. It would undoubtedly reduce the cost of hosting of your software and would deliver complete satisfaction.

Web Hosting Plan

The Web Hosting Plan of Wooservers  starts form $20 for each year. You will be provided with various facilities like:

  • cPanel.
  • Instant  Activation of your account.
  • You will be provided with Unlimited Domains.
  • Obviously you will be getting the facility of 24×7 technical support.

Right below you can check the various plans that are being provided by Wooserves and find out which plan suits you the best.


Dedicated Servers

A Dedicated Servers is basically one which refers to the exclusive use of a single computer in the network which is actually maintained to serve the various requirements of the network. In any services related to web hosting the dedicated server is generally a rented service which includes the related software as well. A Dedicated Server is basically needed for any website which actually generates huge traffic.  A Dedicated Server actually saves a lot of money for any organization.

WooServers have Dedicated Servers for your services that are classified into mostly 4 distinct parts:

  1. USA East Coast Servers.
  2. USA West Coast Servers.
  3. Europe Dedicated Servers and,
  4. OS X Dedicated Servers.

1. USA East Coast Servers:


Let us elaborate some of the basic features of the East Coast Servers.Your server will be activated within just 24-48 hour. You will also be provided with a dedicated team of technical support which is a 24/7 facility for you and also a full Virtualization support.

Certified Data Centers will be allocated for your company website.In case there are any faulty parts they will be fully replaced by us so that you do not have to worry about it. There is also an all round availability of Windows Server 2008/2012.

2. USA West Coast Servers:

west co

Let us have a close look at the basic features of the West Coast Servers as well.You will be provided with the same time period of activation which is 24-48 hours and also the dedicated team of technical support executives who will be always at your side 24/7 along with the  full Virtualization support.
In the West Coast Servers only Windows Server 2012 is available.You will also be provided with the free managed support along with the facility of IPMI Remote Console for SuperMicro. Similar to the East Coast Servers you will be having dedicated and Certified Datacenters. You can also be rest assured of proper and replacement of faulty parts.

3. Europe Dedicated Servers:


The third classification among the dedicated Servers is the so called Europe Dedicated Servers. The features and characteristics of this particular Servers is completely same as that of USA East Servers facilities. You can simply go through the aforementioned facilities of East Coast Servers.

4. OS X Dedicated Servers.


The fourth and last among the servers is the OS X Dedicated Server. Lets have a closer look at the unique features of OS X Dedicated Servers.The Activation Hours of these Servers is within 24-48 hours.You will not be charged any set up fee in this case. You will also have the facility of Native iMac Hardware.
You will be provided with the facility of the dedicated team of technical support executive who are ready to help you at any time in a day.The facility of free server reboots is available in this type. Apart from this  faulty parts found will be freely and fully replaced.

Virtual Servers:

The Virtual Servers of Wooservers is divided into two essential parts:

  1. Xen Linux Virtual Private Servers.
  2. Windows Virtual Private Servers.

 1. Xen Linux Virtual Private Servers:

Linux VPS

Lets have a close look at the features of Xen Linux Servers.Your Server will be instantly setup without any type of further delay.You will be provided with 24/7 technical support and also with the facility of SolusVM Control Panel. The Xen Linux Virtual Private Server  is available at 3 locations USA and Europe.You will also be having Easy Upgrades and Downgrades.

You will be having the facility of One Click Reboot/Reinstall. You will have the provision of rebooting from any Client Area. You can also upgrade it any time.

2. Windows Virtual Private Servers:


Windows Virtual Private Servers is available for both Windows 2008 and for Windows 2012. It also gives you the facility of Full Remote Desktop.You can simply install any software in your system and you also get the provision of rebooting from any Client Area.

Well its available only in 2 location USA or Europe. You can simply upgrade it any time.You will also be having the facility of Fast Server Nodes.

DDoS Protection

Wooservers achieve the method of DDoS Protection by two ways.

  1. DDoS Protected Servers and
  2. Proxy DDoS Protection.

1. DDoS Protected Servers.

DDoS protected dedicated servers by Wooservers are completely robust and reliable. You can simply upgrade your protection level at any time without any server move. It protects your server from almost all the DDoS  attacks .

Wooservers have actually placed several filtering nodes around the world which actually enable them to withstand the attacks of upto 100 Gbits/s and also 120,000,000 FPS

2. Proxy DDoS Protection.

The protection of Proxy DDoS can be easily activated on your website at any location and with any hosting provider. It has indeed proven to be  effective by thwarting almost 99% of all the attacks.