Three Types of Article That Will Make Your Gaming Blog More Interesting

Three Types of Article That Will Make Your Gaming Blog More Interesting

Running a gaming-related blog can be a lot of fun if you are passionate about video games. However, there is a very competitive market for readers in this niche, and not every site becomes a hit with other players.

The type of things you cover and the originality of your content is a big determining factor in whether or not your blog stands out to its readers. While the usual bread and butter of the most well-known sites are reviews and industry news, these aren’t always the best bet when you run a smaller blog because people tend to already have their own preferred outlets for this kind of article. While reviews and news can still be good things to post, you need to inject some personal views into them and talk in detail, so that readers will be interested in what you have to say.Three Types of Article That Will Make Your Gaming Blog More Interesting

Aside from that, it can be a good idea to focus on less well-covered topics, such as:


  • Detailed Guides


While a full walkthrough may be beyond the scope of a blog post, you can write good quality, detailed guides that can help players – for instance, explaining where to put your starting points if you want to play Fallout New Vegas as a melee fighter, and what choices you should make if you want to see the evil ending of Fable 3. Guides specific to individual parts of a big game can also be good – for instance, the various outcomes of a possible quest and how to get them. Check out for good examples of this kind of post.


  • Fun Opinion Pieces


Articles that take a unique angle when talking about a game, or comparing games, can be a good way to keep visitors interested. Lots of people have written articles about Dark Souls and how difficult it is, but what if you compare it to another famously difficult game from a completely different genre and period, for example, Ecco The Dolphin? These kinds of articles can be fun to read and allow you to make some interesting points, while also having a novelty factor that readers will remember.


  • Personal Accounts


Almost every gamer has some stories about a time when something very strange happened to them in a game, or of an especially weird interaction in an online multiplayer. Your own personal stories and discoveries are often a great source of entertainment and can be a good conversation starter for commenters on your blog if you can write them well. Whether it is a story of terrible service at a game retailer or tech support line, of an improbable miracle happening at the last minute in a game, or of meeting someone totally crazy in World of Warcraft, the unusual stuff that has happened as part of your life as a gamer is often worth sharing.

By mixing up your content with these more unique or detailed types of article, you can give your site a unique voice your readers will love.