Importance of Digital Advertising


All of a sudden print advertising or TV commercial has become the old school method of advertising your product. Nowadays the advertising companies and also the companies prefer digital advertising over other form of advertising. Still, you will find a certain level of complexity in digital advertising, but if you can use the platform well then you will be able to get a great return on investment.

If you compare the ratio of users who are hooked on to either TV or internet then you will find that the numbers of internet users are more than that of TV viewers. This forces the companies to shift their focus to this new trend of advertising. If you go with the trend then you will see that today all the companies are investing more on their digital and online efforts as compared to that of print media with help of Digital Marketing  firms like Kantar Media UK.


Mobile Digital Media Advertising

Within last 4 – 5 years mobile advertising revenue have witnessed a huge growth so if you someone had around $200 million revenue in mobile advertising in US then now it has reached up to $3000 million and more.

Even the online spending has increased a lot as companies have witnessed that users are investing much more time and money online therefore in order to tap into the resources they are making an effort to reach out to the maximum number of users over there. Advertising through display or search or SMS have all witnessed huge growth and the increase in the revenue has been phenomenal in the form of display advertising and search.

Digital Advertising and its Various Aspects

If you are looking for various aspects of digital marketing, then you will get hoards of them which have made the form of marketing versatile and faster. With the development of technology and presence of various tools digital advertising is gaining wings.

So by digital format you can include Blogs, Websites, Online video content, email marketing, mobile marketing, etc. Apart from this list there are several other methods which are coming up which you can make use of in recent future.

Still Wondering Why!

Digital marketing is the most affordable form of advertising when compared to all other formats. If you go for e-mail campaign or social media campaign then you will be able to reach out maximum number of people in a meager cost which is unimaginable otherwise. Another major reason of going to the digital advertising is that the results can be tracked quite easily and you will also be able to monitor the progress as well. You will be able to trace the customer response for your product along with the success of marketing campaigning that too in real time. When you can gauge the response then it becomes easier for you to plan accordingly for the coming future.

When you are considering the digital format of advertising, then another reason for incorporating it is because if you are not doing so then you will be lagging behind the others. Digital advertising is the biggest thing in the future and with Smartphones making its presence felt everywhere you cannot just ignore it. Smartphones and their apps, Blogs and every other format have been taking over the traditional method of print media or even for that matter TV Commercials. Companies are investing more time and energy to capture the online users.